4 reasons why joining with the      
bring a friend special is the best deal ever:


Going through Style in Alignment with a friend means:

Benefit #1: Accountability
You can have weekly hangouts to attend Wednesday evening class together and someone to personally follow-up with you and make sure you took action. You’ll even have a partner for some of the activities!

Benefit #2: A deeper understanding
I don’t know about you, but I can hear something and kind of “get” it, but it’s not until I talk about it until I really “get” it. Having a friend to talk the lessons and tasks through with, helps you draw some of your own conclusions, and become a master at this faster.

Benefit #3: More FUN.
Duh. I don’t know if you knew this, but lately I’m all about making life fun and easy. One of my check-in questions I’m asking is “how could I make this more fun?” and the best way to make things fun is a bestie!

You can giggle when you attend virtual class together with each other + a glass of wine (I make jokes sometimes!)

Benefit #4: The power of two minds on your style
Style in Alignment is jam-packed with content. Students often watch and rewatch the videos (that’s why you get lifetime access to keep rewatching!) When there’s two of you, you’ll each pick up on different things and when you consult your bestie on your style, she’ll point out something you forgot you learned.

With this buy 1, get 1 deal you can:

✓ get it as a holiday gift + keep the free seat for yourself

✓ make this choice for yourself + give the free seat as a gift

✓ grab a bestie + split the cost