5 days of prompts + education to reclaim your style as exactly what you want it to be.

You’re a little late to the party—but you can still join! Pop your email below for instant access!


Commit to getting dressed in something you actually want to wear for 5 days and experience the impact how you feel has on everything you do.

I’ll be sharing my style expertise + tips each day to help you find that something you love already in your closet.

And babe you’re so ready. I guarantee you already have things you love in your closet—it’s just hiding like it’s in witness protection between the dress with the tags still on, the only 2 shirts you wear, and that top you ran out and bought, wore once right away and never since…


goodness in store for you.


{AKA here’s some of what people shared about the last challenge…}


Join us this round!

All babes welcome. Cis + trans women, men, non-binary. Babes with big closets & small. Office jobs and stay-at-home jobs.

All you need is:
an email address
5-15 minutes each morning
the clothes you already have
optionally Instagram
a belief that you get to love what you wear.


we’ll learn:

  • how to uncover your signature style + get dressed in a way that feels good
  • how to use style inspo to make you feel exquisite instead of envious
  • how to dress and flatter the body you have right now
  • how to create more confidence + power in how you’re showing up

…and—the best part—you’ll have all these breakthroughs using what you already have in your closet.



“You make me feel like I can live my life the way I want to! You give me confidence and have taught me how to know what I am looking for when I buy clothes. It goes a lot deeper than just outfits and you know it and share this idea with us.” –Angela


meet your style doula~

hey, i’m rebecca. It was back when I was a new grad, wearing clicky shoes for my first agency internship, and spending my mornings trying on clothes from my stuffed-to-the-brim two dressers and two closets that I realised the framework we’re given for style is bullshit.

I was spending so much money on clothes, yet still having nothing to wear to most things?!?!

Getting ready took so damn long, and made me feel less confident walking into spaces more often than it made me feel more. What?!

I felt like my appearance defined me, yet didn’t express me.

I loved aesthetics, yet how I looked felt so out of my control.

^^ symptoms of a broken system

So I made a new system for myself.

I learnt the style science and tools I could use to wear what I wanted to and flatter my body. I studied how I was buying clothes and how I was getting dressed—and what feelings were being triggered when.

I studied women who had great style, who had great confidence and women who I was drawn to.

I figured out a different approach for myself—for how I choose what to buy, for how I choose what to wear, and for how I think about the role of personal style in my life.

And then it wasn’t long before I taught that approach to friends, and then soon friends of friends…

Today, I’ve worked with women here in Toronto and all over the world to reclaim their personal style. I help them uncover their signature style that feels so juicy deliciously good, and is also simplified so that they are spending less time and money and making less decisions each day.


The time for your style is now.

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