Hi, I’m Rebecca.
 And I believe getting dressed everyday should feel effortlessly put-together and effortlessly you.
 { it should feel like more confidence, more clarity, and not breaking your budget } 


But that cycle of wasting money, time, and effort in our closet (only to still feel like we have nothing good to wear)—it's part of my story too.


I'm a reformed style chaser. I spent most of my life feeling like I needed to look more and be more. I chased style, I chased trends, I chased one more piece that was more stylish than what everyone else had.

I spent uncountable amounts of money on clothes I wore once, twice, or never. Yet I still felt like I needed one more thing—that I needed something new.

And I just thought that’s what style was. I thought I just wasn’t good enough at it yet.

However hard I chased, or however much money and effort I spent, I never felt any better. I didn’t feel put together, confident, or empowered with any regularity.

So I went in pursuit of a better way. A better way to do “style”, yes—but also a better way to feel about myself and my appearance and a better way to show up and connect with people.

For me this transition looked like getting rid of, urmm, 95% of my wardrobe and cutting my spending right down, shifting from comparing me to loving me, going from striving to dress “better” to striving to dress simpler.

 And with the transition inside my closet came a transition inside me. 

One that looked like overcoming shyness and embracing the E of my ENFJness, lots of happy dances in my kitchen, and loving the absolute heck out of my everyday.

And in this journey I realised something about style:
we’re not set up to succeed in our personal style.

I wasn’t “bad at style”—my insecurities and I were trying our best to navigate through a fashion industry built on comparison and consumerism. An industry where we consume as one-offs but our wardrobe works as a system. I couldn’t do any better because I didn’t know any better—no one ever taught me. And I bet, no one has ever taught you either.

Now I guide dames who are ready for a better way through that same personal style journey—in thousands through Instagram and exclusive guides + letters to the chic coterie, and one-on-one through my personal styling work.

And in this style journey, everything reflects everything.

So we talk about clothes and we talk about a lot more than clothes—about confidence, loving your life, clarity in who you are, and knowing that you're enough.

It might seem like there's a disconnect between the thin outside and the deep inside—but everything reflects everything.

And that's what me, this work, this website are all about.


I’ve been called
a style fairy


where you’ve seen me:⠀

# fun facts

{ Some more about me }

I live in Toronto (the west end has my heart) and I hold up in a favourite coffee shop in my neighbourhood to do most of the style fairy godmother-ing you read on this website and in my secret letters.

I love a good cup of drip coffee almost as much as I love a good herby cocktail (preferably with a side of heart talks or people-watching on a busy downtown street.)

I dance in my kitchen, bedroom, and the occasional public space regularly (especially on my 5 minute break during pomodoras.)

My tv-addictions are political crime thrillers (bonus points if it’s got a strong female lead.)

Pastels are my colour, Spring is my season, dry shampoo is my best friend, and licorice allsorts are my kryptonite (and I’m glad only people’s grandparents like them—all the more for me.)

I don’t wear high heels (because downtown life is walking life) , I carry bright lipstick (because you show up when you wear bright lipstick) , but I don’t carry a hairbrush even though this long-hair is always a little messy (because I like it that way.)

& I will forever call myself a multi-passionate heart...


Ready to kick start your personal style journey to a better way?

Let’s do this. Start with my signature style development process.
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