2 Fashion mistakes I made this summer and how you can avoid them {VIDEO}


Ever bought something you regretted? Maybe it was too expensive and you didn’t end up loving it as much as you thought. Or maybe you never even ended up wearing it? Or worse, maybe you wore it and felt awful in it?

My answers are yes, yes, and yes—all of these have happened to me. And two of these times it happened were just this past summer.

So today, I’m showing you what and breaking down the why—what I bought that I regretted and WHY I bought it (where my mistake was made!)

And, best of all, in this video, I’ll show you how you can flip the way you think about clothes to stop making these same common mistakes—or at least make them a whole heck of a lot less (because we ain’t perfect!)

OH YA, I said video! Your personal style tips are now coming to you in video. You can watch below, or watch on (and subscribe to!) my YouTube channel.

P.S. If video’s ain’t your thing, I’ve included the transcript below—so you can continue on consuming my content the ol’ fashion way!

Watch 2 Style mistakes I made this summer (& you’re probably making too!)

I am a style expert, and I still buy the wrong thing from time to time. And that is AOK. Because each mispurchase is an opportunity to learn and for your personal style to grow.

So let’s learn from my mistakes, shall we?

Mistake #1: this dress

fashion mistakes - toronto personal stylist-1.jpg

I got this dress at a vintage market. I love vintage clothes and I love markets—but I know when you combine the two they don’t create the best environment for bringing the right thing into my wardrobe.

So, I bought this vintage dress that I can’t return, without having been able to try it on with proper lighting and mirrors. I bought it solely because I loved the colours and pattern.

My real mistake was this: I bought it because I liked one thing about it instead of everything about it.

What you should do to avoid my mistake: make sure every piece you bring into your closet checks all the boxes.

You should love the colour and pattern, the fabric, the style and silhouette, the fit, and the price.

So often we buy an item when just a couple of these boxes are checked—maybe it’s the right colour at the right price so we just go for it. This is a mistake.

To build a wardrobe you love and that works everyday, you need every piece to check all the boxes.


Mistake #2 is also a dress

fashion mistakes - toronto personal stylist-2.jpg

This is one I thought checked all the boxes. I tried it on in store and it was great.

But I made this mistake: I didn’t move around in it.

And what I found out later when I did move around in it, is this subtle v-neck became a complete exposure of my bra if I moved my arms or tried to put a jacket on overtop.

So what can you do to avoid my mistake? Make sure you try living in it before you buy it.

Take it for a spin around your house before deciding whether to return or keep. Or in the store, make sure you can walk, you can sit, you can bend down, raise your arms and put a jacket on overtop.

Not only should you love everything about it, you should love every moment living in it.

So there you have it: my two fashion mistakes and how you can avoid making them in your own style.

And if you want to avoid even more fashion mistakes than I covered in this post, I put together a checklist of everything to look for before you buy.

With this checklist to mistake-free shopping you learn everything to look for so that you never spend your money on something you don’t end up wearing and loving.
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