What you're really saying with "I could never pull that off"

When you say “I could never pull that off” you’re saying one of two things:
You’re either saying you don’t actually like what they’re wearing or it’s not your style (and trying to acknowledge it and give some kind of compliment anyway.)
Or if you do like it, why can’t you?

In my experience, this limiting belief always comes down to fear.

Fear of making too much noise, of being too bold. Fear people will think you must be full of yourself to wear something so daring.

Fear of looking more stylish than you feel, and that everyone will be able to tell.

floral jumpsuit-3.jpg

Jumpsuit: Stone Cold Fox, secondhand Bag: thrifted Sandals: Target, old

I’ve heard it from you and I’ve felt it before. All these fears are how we box things we love on others into the I-could-never-pull-it-off category.

So let’s dispel this right now: in personal style, we don’t have to pull things off. We just wear what we are drawn to. And every day we get better about choosing pieces that express who we are. We get better at wearing things that share our story.

And it’s okay if not everyone likes it. I’m sure there was at least one person in the city who did not like this white floral jumpsuit—and especially didn’t like it after labour day ;)

But, like having a subjective opinion, although not everyone will see things the same way they won’t respect you less for expressing yours.

floral jumpsuit-1.jpg
toronto via rebecca-jacobs.com-2.jpg
floral jumpsuit-6.jpg

Whether it be a bold flower print, a big hat, or a new trend—if you like it, wear it.

floral jumpsuit-2.jpg
toronto via rebecca-jacobs.com-1.jpg
floral jumpsuit-5.jpg

So the next time you find yourself thinking “I could never pull that off” I ask you what are you afraid of?
If you liked it on someone else, some someone-else’s will like it on you

I’m encouraging you to be fearless in your style—because the only “fashion crime” you can commit is not wearing the things you want to wear.

In fearless fashion,