More isn't more

I spent the past couple days chasing waterfalls in upstate New York (I'll take more of that in my life). Three waterfalls to be exact—small, medium, and large in size. And what do these waterfalls have to do with personal style? They reminded me that bigger isn’t better, louder isn’t more impactful, and more doesn’t always equal more.

Spoiler if you haven’t already figured it out; the biggest waterfall was not the most captivating. Instead it was the little guy, dwarfed by the bigger waterfalls that was the most beautiful and the most worth the journey.

Just like the biggest wardrobe doesn’t mean the best style.

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Top: Babaton | Skirt: Wilfred | Shoes: Zara, similar | Bag: vintage (+ d.i.y.'ed for a camera bag)

In fact, I’ve been an owner of a wardrobe on both sides of the spectrum (from a giant over-flowing closet to a succinct countable amount of clothes), and I can tell you that more doesn’t equal more when it comes to your closet.

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More clothes is less space in your house.

More clothes is less money in your bank account.

More clothes can be less clarity in your personal style, and a weaker voice in sharing your story.

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Less on the other hand—less is so much more.

Less clothes is more style—more of you being reflected in your style.

Less clothes is more put together.

Less clothes is more time, money, and freedom.

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And all this is how I became an advocate for  less.

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And the smallest waterfall that did more with less...

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Are you ready to make a shift towards less of the things you don't need so you can have more of all the good stuff?
Good stuff like style clarity, time, money, freedom, and joy.

Of course, wanting to build a wardrobe of less is only half the battle. The other half is actually doing it. But you can. By being aware, and getting rid of the things aren't telling the story of you, one item at a time.

With love and less,