10 Ways to break out of a jeans and shirt rut {without buying anything new}


I’m a big believer in formulas and recipes when it comes to your wardrobe. But sometimes, after we’ve done such a good job with the effortless part, the creative part of us is itching to get back in the game.

We often confuse this “style rut” feeling with needing to buy something new. But the real source of the rut comes from neglecting our creativity. And so, the real cure is injecting a bit of our creativity back into our outfits.

So before you pull out the wallet, tap into your creative brain with these 10 ideas.

These ideas are for you whether your go-to pairs your skinny jeans with a button-up or with a t-shirt. It's for you if you've gotten to the place where you feel like you’ve worn the same thing for so long you don’t remember what it felt like to change it up.

So when we feel sick of our favourite 3 part cocktail: top + skinny jeans + ballet flats, or whatever your cocktail might be—let’s mix it up by throwing in a shot of tequila (the metaphorical kind of course.)

BTW: As a little bonus, for those looking to really shake it up: I’ve put together a list of outfit formulas and recipes that use your skinny jeans, t-shirts, and button-ups in whole new ways!


10 Ways to break out of a jeans and shirt rut {without buying anything new}



Find the brightest item in your wardrobe

…And just wear it! Work you look around it whether it’s a sequin cardigan or a red pair of shoes. If you start with the goal of wearing one item it is always workable—no matter what the occasion, no matter what the item.


Necklace and button play

Your go to is a button-up? Button it all the way up and add a short necklace overtop of your shirt. Do you usually wear it buttoned up? Undo the first few buttons and let your necklace peek out from underneath. Your go-to is a t-shirt? Add your sparkliest necklace over top.


Show some ankle

Roll or fold your skinny jeans a few inches above your ankle. Pair with your most fabulous shoe.


Wear a dress

This done-for-you cocktail doesn’t require any styling. It’s a no-brainer way to change it up. If it is a little chilly try pairing it over denim. And pair with flats, with heels, with boots, with sneakers—whatever you fancy.



Go monochrome

Do you have pants or a skirt in a solid colour? Grab them and pair with a top in the same colour family. Blue on blue, or even pink on red (yep, that’s totally allowed.) Even if you’re a neutral-lover, try out an all black, all white, or all grey look


Tie a neck scarf

No matter the season, a silk square or scarf can be the little change that goes a long way in changing the vibe of your look. {I feel like I just walked out of a Paris cafe every time I wear my silk neckerchief.}


Add these two accessories

Is your go-to an untucked version? Grab your higher-waisted jeans, and tuck in your button-up. Now add a belt and a necklace.


Add heels (little ones are totally acceptable)

(Even if it means sticking ballet flats in your purse.) And if heels are your go-to, do the opposite: wear flats.


Add one extra piece to the mix

Layer in something that’s not part of your usual uniform. Whether it’s a cardigan over a blouse (where you can scrunch the cardigan sleeves so your shirt sleeves poke out), or a longer shirt underneath your drop-sleeve top, or a cropped sweater over your button-up.



Add some bright lipstick

Don’t change a thing about your clothes and just add a bold hue to your lips and see what happens. You just might find your own reflection is catching your eye, strangers are smiling at you, and your friends are complimenting it.

Do you ever find yourself in a style rut? What’s your favourite way to break out of it?