The BEST place to buy a winter coat on a budget


Did you guess secondhand shops? You know me so well.

Most of the winter coats I’ve bought in the last decade have all been secondhand. Some were better (like the wool coats in my last post) than others (like a six sizes too big knee length faux fur I bought many years ago.)

I love secondhand in general!
Because I love vintage
(and just plain old believe they don't make 'em like they used to,)
Because it makes it easier to keep my wardrobe uniquely me,
Because I feel good about giving something a new life instead of contributing to the fast fashion industry.

But even if those points don’t light you up like they do for me, there are very practical reasons why a secondhand store is the best place to look for a winter coat—so read on!

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Coat: secondhand of course! Similar here Dress: For Love & Lemon 'Festival' Dress Jeans: Zara, old (similarSneakers: Nike Air Force 1 '07' Trainer

First off—I’ll admit it—secondhand shopping is work. You can’t do it online, and flipping through each individual piece can be overwhelming (and even exhausting.) But, it’s so worth it.

Even if you’re not at a vintage shop specifically, nearly all thrift/secondhand/charity shops will have some vintage thrown into the mix.

I find this especially true in the coat department.

Ladies tend to hold on to their expensive coats for decades (can I get some hands up for everyone who’s ever peaked inside your mom or grandma’s storage closet and know what I’m talking about!) So these decades-old vintage coats end up at the local thrift store in pristine condition and at bargain prices.

And incase you didn’t know it, so many vintage coats (especially wools) are totally timeless and so well made.

winter style fur jacket via
winter style fur jacket via

The coats I’ve bought from $14 to $140, would be comparable at coats $400 and upwards. Which brings me to my other practical point: price.

If you live a good chunk of the year in real winter, I find it really helps to have multiple coats—so we’re not wearing the same thing and feeling uninspired day in and day out. I couldn’t afford this if the majority of them weren’t sourced secondhand.

A good coat is expensive. And it's with these high-priced items, that you reap the most benefits when you decide to go secondhand.

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winter style fur jacket via
winter style fur jacket via

So, have you searched secondhand for your dream coat yet? Or do you have another favourite go-to?