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How to tell if clothes look good on you

One of the things I’ve noticed from my amazing little tribe here is that as women we pretty much live in a constant uncertainty of if this even what I should be wearing?

We’ve been told so many rules, fashion dos and donts, body type musts… it’s hard to keep up and know if you’re doing it right.

Have you ever wondered if this dress is right for your shape? If you should buy it in this colour or that colour?

Have you ever wondered if this even looks good on me?

In this video, I give you 3 steps to figure out if what you’re wearing looks good on you. 

how-to know if clothes looks good on you


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Is style important for entrepreneurs?

Is style important for online entrepreneurs?

You’re a coach, a designer, a small business owner who spends most of the time sitting behind a computer—does your style even matter?

You’re busy a busy as heck entrepreneur and it feels like you can’t afford to spend time on style.

But, what if I told you can’t afford not to spend time on your style?

Because here’s the thing: if your style isn’t working FOR your business, it’s holding it back.

There is no neutral; there is no way to opt-out of style (unless you run a totally anonymous brand, never talk to anybody or go out in public…)

This video will ask you to dig a little deep and see if your style is helping your dreams or hurting them. 


is your style holding your business back?


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What to say when someone compliments your appearance?

This might seem like a weird topic to be about style—I get it. But bare with me.

Style is powerful. It is powerful in our relationship with ourselves, but it can be equally powerful in our relationships with others.

And if you have a business—even a totally-online one—relationships are essential to the health of your business (not to mention your own health.)

I’ve called this video networking for introverts. Because if you don’t want to be the first one to start a conversation, your style can start the conversation for you—and your only job is to know how to continue it.

WARNING: I don’t want you to make the #1 mistake I see people make when they receive a compliment. 

what to say when someone compliments you


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How to overcome clothing envy (A.K.A. What to do when you want all the clothes on Instagram and pinterest)

Do you ever find yourself head-over-heels obsessing with clothes you see on other people?

Comparing you clothes to theirs and wishing you had those exact pieces?

Maybe you even furiously investigate where it’s from and how you can buy it.

Or maybe it’s not just specific clothing you find yourself envious of—maybe it’s entire styles? You want the bohemian style, but you also want to dress professional ladylike, and then you see someone’s rocker style and want that too.

Is your hand up? Because mine is. I’ve gone crazy trying to click-through Pinterest pins to find out where I can buy a dress. I’ve felt totally jealous of someone’s entire outfit on Instagram that I’ve got as far as the checkout page.

In this edition of Style Coach Light, I help you overcome clothing envy and style comparison—so you’re not wanting to go crazy loading up online shopping carts.


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How-to actually get rid of stuff (clean out + downsize your closet)

Quick question: do you know you need to get rid of stuff, but every time you try to clean out your closet it’s really hard?

Are you wanting to practice minimalism or a capsule wardrobe, but keep hitting the same roadblock when it comes time to actually get rid of stuff you spent lots of money on?

Is your hand up yet?

This was (is) me. I hate the thought of waste—wasted clothes I never wore; wasted money I spent on them.

Would you believe me if I told you that isn’t reality? Feeling the need to hold on to clothes as to not “waste” them and “waste” your money is not fact—it’s the story you are telling yourself.

And that story is hurting your personal style, and your peace and joy.

Presenting a new series: Style Coach Light (Light because Style Coach Heavy is what my clients get {wink})

To kick of the first edition, I am coaching you through the mindset shift you need in order to clear out your closet from all the things that aren’t serving you and your personal style.

Watch today’s video and let me know what you think over on 


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