Shoe science: how-to look good in flat shoes


Do you have anything sitting in your closet, that hardly gets worn because you “need” to wear heels with it?

I get it—you totally wear heels, just not today because you know you’ll be walking a lot, and not yesterday because you worked out in the morning, and not on Mondays because you’re always tired on Mondays…

Okay, let’s hold it right there. We don’t need to wear heels to make clothing pieces we love work.

Even those culottes.
Even that form-fitting dress.
Even that awkward length midi skirt.

I’ll show you how to look good in flats with a few basic style science principles (or shoe-ology as we’re calling it in this video.)

Watch the video and then make sure to grab today’s bonus where I show you exactly what flat shoe I would pair with all the tricky hemlines (like those culottes, midi-skirts, and form-fitting dresses we mentioned…)

Choose comfortable AND stylish. (It’s a false dichotomy.)

How-to look good in flats

Hope picking shoes just got a little easier, and a little more comfortable.

Make sure to grab that bonus in the purple box above.

I’ll be honest—I love the deep matters of head + heart of style, I love the creativity and play, but I totally got a brain for the science-side of style. And I loved nerding out on the science-side a bit with you today.

Talk soon,


One last time incase you missed it:
Get a cheat sheet for the exact flat shoes I pair with each tricky hemline situation from culotte to midi skirt: