3 Warm Winter Coats + 3 ways I’ve styled each


The heart of winter style is in the coat. A warm coat is pretty much the single item we wear every single day all winter long. When we throw on a coat, it dominates any outfit and it's the first thing people notice. Not to mention, liking the coat you're wearing has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself in the colder months.

I tend to advocate for less in your closet. But when it comes to winter coats—that you’ll be wearing day in and day out for months—I like to have some options.

Currently, my closet has three warm coats that can take me through typical Toronto cold. I definitely don’t recommend buying three coats all in a single season, but to accumulate a carefully curated collection of great coats you love over years. I’ve added one coat to my collection over the past three years through a mix of sale scores (the leather), thrift store finds, and a local vintage shop.

When you’re thinking about adding to your own coat collection, you want to make sure it’s versatile enough to work with your winter footwear and accessories as well as with the wardrobe you’ll be wearing underneath it.

Here’s a look at my warm coats, and 3 different ways I’ve styled each one…


The classic vintage


Coat: vintage; similarsimilar in beige

This vintage wool coat was a lucky thrift store find. If you’re looking for your own secondhand gem, look for a high percentage of wool, a thick lining, and any fur to be real.

This simple A-line silhouette is the most versatile of coats, and the length pairs well with both dresses and pants.

Style tip: Don’t be afraid to get a coat like this tailored (especially if it’s vintage!) For this A-line shape, you likely want it to hit right above or right below the knee. The sleeves: you want them to hit just above the wrist (and use it as an opportunity to have your shirt and sweater sleeves poke out.


The fitted silhouette with a drape collar


Coat: Danier; similar

This insulated heavily textured leather is my warmest coat. What I love about it is the warmth of a parka without the bulk—and unlike a parka it can be dressed up.

Although warmer than my wool coat, the shorter length makes it a little less versatile when it comes to the skirts + dresses department (but definitely a match made in heaven for my over-the-knee boots.)

Style tip: When I wear this coat zipped up, I get a lot of compliments on how fitted it is (a winter coat that still gives you a figure—unheard of!) BUT, a straight + fitted coat, will only pair best with outfits that are fitted where the hem of the coat hits. In other words: if I wanted to zip this up, it wouldn't work with the flowy skirt in the third picture, but it would work with the skinny jeans in the middle one.


The midi swing trapeze


Coat: vintage; similar


This one was another vintage find, the most recent addition, and my current favourite. The colour makes it easy to pair with what is a mostly dark winter wardrobe (how does that keep happening?!)

This coat makes a statement all on it’s own—and not just because of the colour. This trapeze-style is great when you just want to throw on a coat and call it an outfit, but harder to accessorize with remarkable scarves or tall boots.

There you have it; 3 coats, 9 ways. More to come if you're following along on Instagram.

Which one was your favourite?

With love + style,


P.S. This week I felt a nudge. A nudge when I put on a white sweater that was fine, but I didn't need. A nudge that had me getting rid of that white sweater + 6 more sweaters and whole other bag of stuff that was fine but I didn't need.

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