Clothing Essentials: The piece you need to buy


Today’s advice is my favourite kind to give. It’s the kind that has emails rushing to my inbox and messages to my phone of clients + coterie dames saying they’ve had a style breakthrough.

Because, when you get that essential item that’s been missing from your closet, it can transform your wardrobe overnight.

Suddenly, all the clothes you like but hardly wear are wearable, getting dressed is easier, and your outfits feel more like you.

Now it might sound like magic (and maybe it is!) but your wardrobe doesn‘t transform with items from a generic list of “wardrobe essentials for every woman”. But, when you start with you and your own closet, and follow these effective strategies for figuring out what item is missing from your wardrobe, it can transform your wardrobe, style, and life.



The Words version

Rebecca Jacobs, your personal stylist here. Giving you mini-styling sessions to help you find your distinctive style and make it work effortlessly for your everyday and your budget.

And today’s mini session is all about finding the item that’s missing from your wardrobe.

The piece of clothing that, if you had it, you’d be able to wear so many other pieces that are sitting hardly worn in your closet.

The one piece of clothing that would replace 10 pieces you have but don’t really love.

This item is what I call your clothing linchpin. It’s one of the items that makes our wardrobe go from hit or miss all the time, to effortless elegance everyday.

And so many times we are missing this linchpin item that would transform our closet.

Today, I’m going to show you how to find yours.

There are 3 paths to figuring out what piece is missing in your wardrobe.

Let’s start with the first one:


Method #1: Play detective when you’re getting dressed

Whenever you find yourself half-dressed but you can’t find a top to go with the skirt you have on, or putting on clothes just to rip them back off because it’s not working—take a minute and ask “why isn’t this working?” And“what do I wish I had to go with this?”

We can ask this question every time we’re wearing an outfit we’re not totally in love with— “how would I change this outfit if I could?”

Pay attention to this for a few days, or a few weeks, and write down each morning all the pieces you wish you had that would have made getting dressed easier that day. After some time, your clothing linchpin should become obvious—one item that would have saved you time and effort on so many different occasions.


Method #2: Pinterest.

You guys, I love Pinterest around here for aiding in your personal style. And chances are, if you’re watching this video, you already have a Pinterest board with personal style inspiration. If not, might as well create one now—because if you’re sticking with me you’ll be using it a lot.

The next time you find yourself on your style Pinterest board, have a look through and see what specific items keep reoccurring. Maybe it’s a white button-up blouse that’s longer than all the ones you have. Or maybe it’s a dark wash pair of skinny jeans. Or maybe it’s an A-line grey sweater. You get the picture.

TIP: SAY IT OUT LOUD Now this tip might make you feel a little silly, but when you’re looking to spot patterns, it often helps to say out loud the clothing items in each pin.

So you’ll be eyeballing through your Pinterest board and saying aloud “black motorcycle jacket, silk pattern v-neck blouse, kick-flares, and brown strappy sandals”__“bomber jacket, longsleeve silk blouse, kick-flares” (Real example guys, you can already see what might be on my shopping list for fall!)


Method #3: Upgrade your existing

Do you love every outfit you’re wearing? If you do, great and why are you reading this? But, for many, we end up wearing outfits and pieces we’re not totally in love with.

Every outfit you find yourself wearing that you don’t totally love, ask yourself“how could I upgrade this into something I love?”

Maybe you would love it if you traded in your long sleeve shirt for a silky blouse. Or if your skinny jeans were flares.

Just like in the first method, keep track of this over time by writing it down.

And there you have it! 3 Ways you can figure out the item you’re missing in your wardrobe. When you figure out you’re clothing linchpin, I’d love for you to share it in the comments.

If you want a starting place...
After working inside womens’ closets, I’ve found some common clothing linchpins that I put together in a list for you.

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Stay stylish, m’dear!