The best stores for online shopping in Canada (and one site you NEED to know about!)


Sorry international friends, this post may not be that helpful to you. But it’s something I wanted to share because over here in Canada, online shopping has been tough.

In Canada, online shopping has involved paying for shipping, paying for return shipping (or deciding it’s not worth it and keeping the item—the worst thing for our closet!), surprise expensive duties we may or may not get hit with, or the messages “online shopping is not available in your country” and “we cannot ship to Canada at this time.” The worst, right?

It's with a little happy dance, I say it's gotten a little easier over the past few years. In fact, even as a chronic returnerer I am now able to avoid the malls + shop online regularly—without wasting any pennies.

I’m rounding up the BEST stores to online shop at in Canada (and giving you some insider tips for each!)

#1 J. Crew

J Crew offers flat $12 shipping to Canada (which is waved during certain promotions they run!) They ship using Borderfree—which means no surprise or additional duties when your package arrives.

They offer free returns when you return in store (which you have 60 days to do.)

TIP: Wait for sales! They often run anywhere from 20%-40% off most of the items—even brand new stock. They will honour the discount if you need to exchange for a different size or colour.


#2 Old Navy / Gap / Banana Republic

Free shipping and free returns with a minimum of $50. No duties.

TIP: If you don’t qualify for the free shipping, just add another size or style to your shopping cart and return it for free. Tip 2.0.: Make it an item that’s not your size or style to make sure you infact return it instead of keeping a shirt you don't need ;)


#3 Zara

Free shipping over $50 or when delivering to you nearby store. They ship from Montreal so no duties.

You have a month for returns in store or by mail.

TIP: You can also check to see if it’s in stock at your local store. I just love websites that let you do that!


#4 Aritzia

So the minimum order for free shipping is a little higher here ($150) but their merchandise tends to be at a higher price point, so it's not too unreasonable.

With pieces at higher price points, it’s worth being absolutely sure you have the right size. So consider ordering multiple sizes (you’ll qualify for free shipping and then you can return the others in store.)

TIP: Avoid the sales! Sure you save some money, but you can’t return for money back. I hate to see anyone end up with items in their closet that they wouldn't have bought had they tried it on first.


#5 Shopbop

Free shipping and returns (duties included!) Just make sure to select this option at checkout.

TIP: Unlike the others, you do still have to worry about the American/Canadian dollar exchange. So this can go either way when returning (I’ve made money when the Canadian dollar dropped between when I ordered and when I returned, and lost money on a return when it crept back up!)



Ebates* is a site that gives you money back every time you shop with their partner sites—which they have a lot of (3 out of 5 of the stores I mentioned above!)

The money back isn’t even the best part. The best part is the access to all the active promotion and coupon codes (these ones actually work guys!)

I recommend you click here and make an account today!

PS: If you somehow read this far and aren’t Canadian, know that Ebates has some sister sites in a number of countries—so check 'em out to see if they’re in yours!

*It’s a referral link. At no extra cost to you (it’s totally free to sign up) I get money from Ebates if you join!


BONUS #6 some ones I’ll be trying

Although I haven’t tried these, I know they offer free shipping and returns to Canadians. And they are all part of!

Okay guys, any favourites I missed that I should know about? Let me know in the comments.

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