Is it time to wrangle in your wardrobe or grow it back out?


A year ago, I was stripping my wardrobe back down to its roots. I was getting to know myself and what my authentic personal style looked and felt like.

A year ago, I had no patterns and no colour (outside of some pastel hues.)

I was in a season of cutting the excess + gaining clarity.

Today, well, I’m wearing not just one, but TWO patterns. My wardrobe has flourished back out into a spectrum of colour and pattern.

I’m in a season of turning my clarity into confidence.

mix patterns via

Belted top: Ann Taylor | Polka dot Trousers: Zara Pointed toe flats: Coach, similar Bag: Fossil 'Haven' Bucket Bag (smaller size available here)

I know what my personal style looks like, and, more importantly, what it FEELS like when I’m in it.

And with this clarity at its core, it can grow in a hundred different ways.

So these patterns, this yellow—they feel just as aligned with who I am and the story I want to tell through my style as my stripped down wardrobe did.

And it feels incredible to have my personal style grow. Not in wardrobe size. But in boldness, in excitement, in empowerment.

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how to mix patterns via
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So today, my question for you is this:

  • Is it time to strip down to your roots? {Does your wardrobe lack clarity? Do you lack confidence?}
  • Or is it time for you to grow back out? {Are you clear on your personal style + is it time to turn that clarity into confidence?}

I can’t wait to see what an empowering wardrobe looks like to you.

(I hear you—more on how to mix patterns to come. Stay tuned!)

Your personal stylist,


PS: Want some more guidance in getting to the heart of your style? That’s what I created this free 18 page workbook for. {It’s like free d.i.y. personal styling}