How-to use Pinterest for personal style clarity

Walking into a clothing store and feeling lost and overwhelmed only to end up wasting money on clothes you don’t end up wearing.

Or spending too much time and energy getting dressed because you have “nothing to wear” only to feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing the moment you step out in public.

There’s a simple cure for it: getting some personal style clarity.

And as it turns out there’s a great tool for that sitting right in your bookmarks bar: Pinterest.

This guide will show you how to harness the power (and super convenience) of Pinterest so you are using it effectively to create outfit formulas, spot gaps in your closet, and craft the right shopping lists. And I can’t wait to share it with you! >>>

How to use Pinterest effectively for your personal style

Pinterest is awesome for personal style for a few reasons (we’ll get to them!) but the main thing I love: it lets you see past trends into your own personal style. It doesn’t organize by newest looks or tell you what’s “in” and “out” of style–and that is just what we want.

The set-up

You’re no longer going to have one big conglomeration board of everything style. You’re going to have strategic boards—sorted by season or lifestyle activity  where you pin your style inspiration.

So, when you’re thinking of what to wear and you come to that board everything on it will be relevant to what you’re getting dressed for that day. (You can get even more specific and break it down by lifestyle activity within the season—you’re not at a disadvantage for having more boards with fewer pins each.)

Make a seperate board for pieces you want to buy.  You can divide these up by season too.

You can keep your boards public or make them secret. The pins on this board are only for you. If you think making them public will influence what you pin, make ‘em secret!


What to pin

You’re pinning for one of two reasons:

1) inspiration for pairing items you already own into outfits
2) ideas for what items you want to buy

What you’re not pinning:
- outfits made up of pieces you don’t have (and have no intention of buying)
- outfits you are already making (like a t-shirt and jeans)

 BONUS TIP:  Even though you’re using Pinterest boards, don’t be limited to Pinterest search (because it’s kind of the same thing over and over again!) Head over to your favourite blogs, magazines, and store catalogues (you can get a browser extension to pin from anywhere on the web if you don’t have it already.) is a great source for outfit inspiration. And my absolute favourite place to get inspired? Instagram! I use a free app called InstaPin to get photos from my feed to my board.

Caption it!

Outfit inspiration board:
If you’re pinning it for any reason other than the outfit as a whole, use the caption to write what specifically inspired you. Or write about what pieces you'll use to replicate the look in your closet.

To-buy board:
Use the caption to write exactly what piece you want to buy. Like “white extra long button-up shirt with black buttons.”


From pinboards to closet clarity

Now all that inspiration you’ve been collecting—don’t forget to use it! Check back in on your boards when planning outfits and shopping trips.

And while you’re checking back in, don’t be afraid to delete pins ruthlessly. Our personal style is ever changing. That, and it’s super easy to get caught up in pinning all the pretty pictures that we go a little pinning 7 inch heels and a ballgown... Think of it like an extension of your closet— you don’t want to keep anything there that you can’t wear.

Look for recurring colours, pieces, proportions, silhouettes, patterns, and more throughout your boards. You’ll start to see specific themes and styles emerge. These can help you get a clearer idea on what kind of styles you are drawn to—so you can see what items in your closet now don’t match your taste.

The recurring pieces you don’t own but are in multiple outfits you pin reveal the gaps in your current closet.

Crafting your shopping list

You’ll have a great starting point with your “to-buy” board. But, before it goes from the “to-buy” to the real buy, use pinterest to make sure there’s at least 3 or 4 outfits you can mix using the new piece with pieces you already own.

Pay attention to what’s attracting you to each piece. You might be deceived thinking it’s a white button up with black buttons you need, but maybe it’s the length you like, which happens to be the same length of a white shirt you already own. Or maybe it is a piece that’s missing from your closet, but it’s the fit that you’re looking for, not the black buttons!

Use your Pinterest boards to do all the decision making before you get to the clothing stores.

Long gone are the days when I would pin + forget about it. Since I've been using this Pinterest strategy I have found exactly what pieces I wanted to buy for fall (and it's been so easy to resist temptation of the things that weren't my top priority.)

And I have a special bonus for you!
I've taken what was a blog post + 2 page worksheet and turned it into a nearly 20 page ebook to help you find your style. It's going to guide you through learning what makes you feel empowered—and feel like yourself—in your wardrobe.

With love + style,