A spring recipe: 2 parts classic + 1 part saucy


Did you crack one of my go-to spring recipes yet?

It’s not a Margarita—it’s an outfit recipe and in the last few posts it’s been spring coat + dress {ahem, see look #1 here, and look #2 here.}

Same pieces, yet they all look and feel different, but still like me.

That's because there’s always a little more going on than the type of garment. There’s the style—the feeling, the tone, what it seems to say about me and my style.

Let’s look at this classic-with-a-kick outfit…


Trench coat: quite old (it is a classic after all) similar | Neckerchief: secondhand store Dress: Aritzia 'Pedro' Dress by Babton

The trench coat; well that’s classic sophistication—a timeless piece, if you will. 1 part classic.

The silk neckerchief; does it remind you of old photos of your stylish grandma? Of flight attendants? Of Parisian women? Another classic piece. 2 parts classic now.

So what’s the third part—the part that gets added to make classics feel like an original? Something a little spicy: a minidress with a deep V.

Instead of being one type of style—à la Seventeen magazine style where you were “classic, girly, sporty, or wild”—we get to mix our own flavour every day.

You get to mix up styles that reflect different parts of your personality, different parts of your taste—for whatever cocktail you feel like today. Whichever makes you feel comfortable and confident.


So what’s your cocktail du jour?

Maybe it’s two parts feminine romantic, one part classic. Maybe it’s one part modern minimalistic, one part vintage charm.

A spring reminder: we flourish when we don’t put ourselves in a box. Personal style isn’t meant to box you in, but to project you out.

Your personal stylist + story encourager,