Style evenness


In the past I’ve chased being stylish. And the more I chased, the worse the "bad" outfits got.

In style we have highs and lows. Highs; days where we look and feel our best. And then, we have days where we tried on too many outfits, eventually ran out of time and ended by throwing on something we immediately regretted.

We don’t usually think about the lows when deciding what clothes to buy. We don’t think about what pieces we need to get rid of, and what we need to replace it with, to improve our outfit lows.

Instead we tend to focus on trying to be more stylish, more fashionable, on collecting more of the “wow” pieces we saw on blogs and Instagram—we tend to focus on trying to have higher “highs”.

Having higher style highs is the wrong goal.

Instead, what I want for both you and I, is to focus on getting to style evenness.

tulle and lace winter fall style via
tulle and lace via
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Coat: vintage  | Lace dress (double duty as a top here): Topshop, in autumn colour –or– similar in short sleeve Maxi skirt: thritfted, similar -or- head over to your local thrift or vintage store—some thrifting tips here, m'dear}

When you focus on getting higher highs, the highs do get higher—for a little while—but the lows; they get lower and more frequent.

But when you focus on style evenness you get to a place where your lows aren’t that frequent and aren’t that low.

When you aim for evenness, you’re playing the long game—working towards a long-term and sustainable wardrobe. Chasing highs (like new trends, or expensive statement pieces) will take a backseat while you focus on getting to an even baseline.

Style evenness means:

…you feel as confident + beautiful in your 9-5 outfits as your date night looks as in what you wear to run errands (and that 100% doesn’t mean you’re dressed to the nines with heels and dresses for all these things)
…no matter how much time you had to get ready, you feel like yourself in what you put on
…you’ve made it so ridiculously easy to pick out an outfit you feel good in

How to start aiming for evenness

clean out all the lows from your closet
You know…the things that you never feel good in because they’re too tight…or you don’t like the colour even though everyone says it looks good on you…or that piece that is just not your style but you’ve been holding on to it out of guilt of throwing it out without getting proper wear from it…

identify the gaps of what you need to make your wardrobe more wearable for your everyday life
Style lows happen when there is a disconnect between what you’ve filled your closet with and your lifestyle. Like, when the only shoes that match with your skirts are heels that you can hardly walk in—so you wear pants to work every day

And once you get to a more even style baseline, it becomes a whole lot easier to start moving that baseline up to where you want it. So you can feel even more stylish, even more confident, and even more comfortable in your wardrobe.

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tulle and lace via
tulle and lace via
tulle and lace via
tulle and lace via
tulle and lace via

And at the beginning I said for “you and I” because I’m still working towards it too, m’dear. But, since focusing on style evenness as the goal, it’s had one more happy side effect: helping get me out of the comparison trap. I’m less tempted to run out and buy every beautiful thing I see on the internet. And it’s helped relieve some stylist pressure of having “cooler better clothes” (whatever those are) than everyone else.

What do you think about the highs and lows of style, love?

PS: In case you haven’t grabbed it up yet, I thought I’d let you know about a little 18 page Find your Style workbook I put together—to help you feel more confident + comfortable in your highs + lows—and get a little closer to style evenness.