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5 Minute Tweaks to Look and feel BETTER

5 minutes. 
5 minutes is all you need to look and feel more put together.

I’m not here to make getting dressed MOREof an ordeal and stress than it already is—I’m here to make it less of an ordeal and more of joy.

Less time + stress; more effortless confidence.

So often we go 80% of the way in our style—only to never take it all the way across the finish line.

We thoughtfully pick out a top we love, we find pants that look good with it. We do our makeup. And then it’s time to leave, we throw on shoes and a jacket and look and feel okay but not great.

It’s the finishing touches—the little things—that take how we show up across the proverbial finish line from good to great.

In that spirit, I’ve pointed out 5 of these finishing touches you can do in under 5 minutes that are so often missed.

5 minute style hacks


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