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How to pack for winter travel in fashionable cities {London + Paris}

You guys, Paris and London were a dream.

Call me crazy, but I think January was a perfect time to visit. Off-season rates (that’s a big one!), less crowds(there were streets we walked down that we had all to ourselves) and the lack of leaves on the trees makes for more complete views of the architecture, even from afar.

But, there is one drawback of cold season travel; it’s a bit harder to pack for.

Harder because winter clothes take up way more space than summer clothes.

Harder because in winter, you kind of wear two different outfits every day: the outfit you wear outdoorsAND the outfit you wear underneath that’s revealed when you’re indoors.

All together, the act of fitting all your winter clothes into a bag and then looking chic + feeling comfortable every time you put them on is HARD.

Being chic IS just as important as being comfortable while traveling in Europe's most fashionable cities—if you want to experience the city a little less like a tourist and a little more like a local.

Walking into a restaurant, a museum, a quaint little boutique—you want to feel welcomed there, you want to feel confident to ask questions and start conversations, you want to almost forget that you don’t live here (and you want some cute travel pics of course {wink}).

But don’t let the added packing difficulty + fashionable standards of chic cities like London or Paris stop you from taking your travel in January—I’m here to help!


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