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3 Wardrobe Essentials for Women

I long ago threw out the “wardrobe essentials” checklists and scoffed at the articles titled “what every woman needs in her wardrobe.”

Umm, no thanks.

You can’t buy someone else’s “right things” into feeling good about how you look and feeling like you look like you.

But, today I give you a list.

A list of 3 things I want you to have in your closet.

But instead of a list where you have it or have not it—it’s one where you can find and create these pieces out of what you already have and what authentically lights you up.

I’m giving it to you in a video—because, baby, our youtube channel is back.

Consider this the first of many videos coming to you in 2018—so hit subscribe on youtube if you haven’t already.



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#StyleQuickie How to shop for clothes easier with this simple trick

Shopping for clothes doesn’t need to be so overwhelming, time-consuming, and full of uncertainty.

This simple trick will have you shopping easier, in less time, and with less stress.

Become your own expert personal shopper by buying pieces you love that are your signature style. Watch this style quickie to find out how and be sure to grab your bonus download.



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The *right* way to build a minimalist wardrobe


And I want you to be too. But I want you to build your capsule wardrobe or minimal closet the right way.

You can approach minimalism from a place of limiting and deprivation…

Or you can do it from a place of abundance and satisfaction.

Watch this #StyleQuickie so you can start building your wardrobe the right way.


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5 Items to Upgrade in your wardrobe from Basic to Anything-but

Basic doesn’t mean boring. (But you already know that because you watched last week’s video.)

Today, I’m helping you take your basics to the next level by upgrading them from your average basic, to an equally versatile piece that will add interest and refinement to your looks.

And here’s why:

Whether you do the capsule wardrobe per se, or just practice wardrobe minimalism—you want to have key players in your closet. These key players are pieces you love to wear and remix easily regularly. (And having a closet full of key players is the opposite of one full of an overwhelming amount of clothes you wear sporadically.)

You need key players. And you have the opportunity to make these key players something meaningful for your style. (And totally transform your style as a whole in the process.)

Today’s video will give you 5 basics to upgrade from basic to compelling.


WATCH: spice up your capsule wardrobe


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Capsule wardrobe: pros + cons, AND figuring out if it’s right for you

I can’t believe I’ve made it this far without talking about the internet’s favourite style word: capsule wardrobe.

Have you thought about trying a capsule wardrobe?

Have you thought about quitting your capsule wardrobe?

In today’s video, we are talking all about this buzzword and concept. I outline the pros and cons of capsule wardrobes so that by the end of this video, you’ll know if capsule wardrobes are the right choice for you.


Capsule Wardrobe Pros & Cons

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