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How to overcome clothing envy (A.K.A. What to do when you want all the clothes on Instagram and pinterest)

Do you ever find yourself head-over-heels obsessing with clothes you see on other people?

Comparing you clothes to theirs and wishing you had those exact pieces?

Maybe you even furiously investigate where it’s from and how you can buy it.

Or maybe it’s not just specific clothing you find yourself envious of—maybe it’s entire styles? You want the bohemian style, but you also want to dress professional ladylike, and then you see someone’s rocker style and want that too.

Is your hand up? Because mine is. I’ve gone crazy trying to click-through Pinterest pins to find out where I can buy a dress. I’ve felt totally jealous of someone’s entire outfit on Instagram that I’ve got as far as the checkout page.

In this edition of Style Coach Light, I help you overcome clothing envy and style comparison—so you’re not wanting to go crazy loading up online shopping carts.


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