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How-to actually get rid of stuff (clean out + downsize your closet)

Quick question: do you know you need to get rid of stuff, but every time you try to clean out your closet it’s really hard?

Are you wanting to practice minimalism or a capsule wardrobe, but keep hitting the same roadblock when it comes time to actually get rid of stuff you spent lots of money on?

Is your hand up yet?

This was (is) me. I hate the thought of waste—wasted clothes I never wore; wasted money I spent on them.

Would you believe me if I told you that isn’t reality? Feeling the need to hold on to clothes as to not “waste” them and “waste” your money is not fact—it’s the story you are telling yourself.

And that story is hurting your personal style, and your peace and joy.

Presenting a new series: Style Coach Light (Light because Style Coach Heavy is what my clients get {wink})

To kick of the first edition, I am coaching you through the mindset shift you need in order to clear out your closet from all the things that aren’t serving you and your personal style.

Watch today’s video and let me know what you think over on 


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That money we spend in an effort to save (+5 things to do right now to declutter + stop spending it)

I’ll go ahead and admit it: I’m cheap—I hold on to my pennies tightly, weigh the pros and cons carefully before I regretfully turn over my wallet.

A lot of us money-concise folks have another tendency: to want to hold on to all the things we’ve already bought. We want to hold on to all the things, so if we happen to need them in the future we won’t have to go spend money on it.

But in this cost-saving efforts, you’re carelessly spending every day to store all the things you already own.

Click through to read the article + get your 5 steps to start downsizing right now >>>

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