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3 Fashion Rules I Break

Do you ever feel like you’re doing style wrong?

I did, for years. It’s easy to feel that way between all the how-to and should-do style advice and articles out there.

Well, the truth they don’t tell you is this: style doesn’t have any rules.

And your most stylish doesn’t look like anyone else’s most stylish.

To show you this, I’m going to reveal 3 major style “rules” I don’t follow.



3 Fashion rules I don't follow

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2 Fashion mistakes I made this summer and how you can avoid them {VIDEO}

Ever bought something you regretted? Maybe it was too expensive and you didn’t end up loving it as much as you thought. Or maybe you never even ended up wearing it? Or worse, maybe you wore it and felt awful in it?

My answers are yes, yes, and yes—all of these have happened to me. And two of these times it happened were just this past summer.

So today, I’m showing you what and breaking down the why—what I bought that I regretted and WHY I bought it (where my mistake was made!)

And, best of all, in this video, I’ll show you how you can flip the way you think about clothes to stop making these same common mistakes—or at least make them a whole heck of a lot less (because we ain’t perfect!)

OH YA, I said video! Your personal style tips are now coming to you in video. You can watch below, or watch on (and subscribe to!) my YouTube channel.

P.S. If video’s ain’t your thing, I’ve included the transcript below—so you can continue on consuming my content the ol’ fashion way!

Watch 2 Style mistakes I made this summer (& you’re probably making too!)



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