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My style philosophy

I finally made the video I’ve wanted to exist.

I’ve been trying to tell you for a while—but I never feel like I say it clearly or loud enough.

What I’ve been trying to say is…

Here we talk about style, but it’s different.

Fundamentally different than most every other tv show, magazine, youtube haul video, fashion blogger when they’ve talked to us about style.

Different. And life-changing.

And finally I’ve put into words why and how.

Here is my style philosophy.

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How to find your style for entrepreneurs and personal brands

Let’s be real, it’s been fuurr-ever since you thought about what your best style looks like.

I mean really thought about your style.

To actually figure out your style from scratch—it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially when we have ourself as an everyday human to think about and ourself as the face of a personal brand.

How do you find your unique style? That is a perfect fit for you and your business?

Well, you can start with these 3 easy steps. This 5 minute video will leave you with at least 3 clear directions for your style.

Grab a pen and paper, and let’s get some clear direction in your style, shall we? 

how-to find your style for entrepreneurs


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How to dress professional & still feel like yourself

Ever felt like you didn’t know how to balance your own unique style + individuality with looking (and feeling) like the professional you are at your job?

Well, I’ve got a solution for the problem of “how to dress for your job and still look unique” and the secret is in the overlap. Today’s video is breaking down what your overlap is + how to find it.

What I love about the style advice I’m sharing in today’s video is this: it doesn’t just apply to dressing for the corporate world.

You can use these 3 strategies anytime what you want to wear and what you’re suppose to wear feel different.

You can use them if you want to figure out how to infuse more of you into your wardrobe at large. You can use them to find your style.

And to go hand-in-hand with these 3 broader strategies I’m sharing in the video, I put together 3 bonus ultra-specific tips of what pieces to leverage to make your work wardrobe more of your dream wardrobe. Make sure to grab your copy with the purple button below the video!

Watch today’s video on how to dress professional and still feel like yourself
with your personal stylist, Rebecca Jacobs


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Outfit dissection: Spring coat layering

This weekend, sun, patios, and even bare-legs came out in full spring effect. {Heck yes.}

As I pulled out a dress and spring jacket, I was reminded of one of the true beauties of warm weather: oneoutfit. Come spring, we no longer have the added hassle of planning two outfits—the outfit we wear outside AND the striped-down version of it we wear inside.

We get to focus on picking + wearing just one outfit that will give us confidence, comfortability, and joy.

And one of my favourite spring pieces—that takes you effortlessly and elegantly from coffee to cocktails—is a tailored spring coat.

Today, I’m showing you one of the ways I style my spring coat, and giving you a little inside look by dissecting what exactly is at play in this seemingly simple outfit.

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2015 Style Lessons I’m taking into 2016 (+ my year’s best clothing buys)

Happy (fashionably late) New Year, love!

2015 was a special year for me.

Prior to 2015, my love and eye for style was only reflected in my own wardrobe. Over this past year, I started to use my style skills (that's a thing...) to help more women than just me find their style, and more joy + confidence in the process.

Through this, I learnt some things about style. About the mindsets and approaches that affect how we feel about our style, and thus how we we feel about ourselves.

Today, I wanted to share these lessons with you. Each lesson has helped me find more joy and confidence in the clothes I wear—and I want that for you!

I also thought it would be fun + worthwhile to include some of my best clothing purchases from 2015. Read on for those as well!


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