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How to wear dresses in the winter

For many winters, my dresses only made an appearance at christmas parties with pantyhose and pumps.

I had no idea how to wear dresses in the winter as a versatile everyday outfit.

I’ve since learned many ways more than pantyhose + pumps to wear my dresses in the winter, and realized how easy and versatile they can be as “regular” winter outfits.

In this video I’m breaking down the 3 elements you need to think about when wearing your dresses in the winter:

  1. The dress (and how winterizable it is)
  2. What covers your legs (and what your options are outside of pantyhose)
  3. What footwear to pair (for when there is snow, slush, and negative degree weather)


Press ‘play’ for this mini training on how to wear your dresses in the winter:

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