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3 Fashion Rules I Break

Do you ever feel like you’re doing style wrong?

I did, for years. It’s easy to feel that way between all the how-to and should-do style advice and articles out there.

Well, the truth they don’t tell you is this: style doesn’t have any rules.

And your most stylish doesn’t look like anyone else’s most stylish.

To show you this, I’m going to reveal 3 major style “rules” I don’t follow.



3 Fashion rules I don't follow

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Improve your style on any budget with this simple test

You know you would have better style if you bought the right clothes…but it can be easier said than done, to say the least!

You think you are buying something you love, but then when you go to wear it, it doesn’t feel quite right. “Not today,” you think, placing it back in your closet and picking something much safer. Soon weeks go by—months even—and you’ve worn it once (or never!) and you regret even buying it.

We’ve all been there. Because no one teaches us how to shop. So we go on, buying some things that work and some that don’t, and all the while we are missing one crucial step in the buying process.

In this video I’m going to show you the step you’re missing in the buying process—to make sure you don’t have to spend another penny on something that’s not the right thing for you.





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What to buy for fall (how to make the right shopping list for you)

One of the pieces of fashion advice I give all the time as a personal stylist: buy less, choose better.

You might have heard it before. In fact, it’s become a kind of motto being thrown around on this here internet—but there’s a big component this concise minimalist mantra leaves out: what does choosing better actuallymean?

Fashion industry members use it to mean spending more money—buy less, choose more luxury pieces.

But to me that doesn’t add up. A piece that is made “better” doesn’t necessarily make it a “better” choice for you.

A better choice is one that you love. One that is aligned with the lifestyle you live, the story you want to tell, and—here’s the kicker—the budget you have.

In other words, “choosing better” looks like an easier time getting dressed everyday, more clarity in your style, and less financial and shopping stress.

But when we get to the store, it’s really hard to know if a piece will do all those things for us—if it will be a good choice.

So, I came up with a method. A method for how we can actually choose better.

And today I’m sharing it with you, so that this fall you can choose better.



WHAT CLOTHES YOU SHOULD BUY THIS FALL(how to make shopping lists)


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Clothing Essentials: The piece you need to buy

Today’s advice is my favourite kind to give. It’s the kind that has emails rushing to my inbox and messages to my phone of clients + coterie dames saying they’ve had a style breakthrough.

Because, when you get that essential item that’s been missing from your closet, it can transform your wardrobe overnight.

Suddenly, all the clothes you like but hardly wear are wearable, getting dressed is easier, and your outfits feel more like you.

Now it might sound like magic (and maybe it is!) but your wardrobe doesn‘t transform with items from a generic list of “wardrobe essentials for every woman”. But, when you start with you and your own closet, and follow these effective strategies for figuring out what item is missing from your wardrobe, it can transform your wardrobe, style, and life.



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