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Steal my style secret weapons

There are 3 tools I use in my style to keep myself looking chic and put-together (especially in the winter.)

I love these tools because they are a perfect example of it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

I love these tools because they allow your clothes to be an investment you’ll wear for seasons to come.

And I love these tools because—maybe the best part—all these tools cost a combined $50.

I want you to steal my secret weapons.

3 tools you need to look your most stylish


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Style Q&A: do you need to buy more basics?

Embrace your basics.

I love to wear my basics. I love to buy pieces that are a basic.

In fact, I would always choose a basic over a non-basic.

Do you get that excited about clothing basics?

...probably not.

But I got a message for you today and it’s this:

wardrobe basics are not what you think.

When our friend asked this question over on Instagram stories, I knew I had to answer it. (And I knew it deserved more than 10-second choppy increments IG stories gives you.)

Watch the video to hear this personal stylist’s answer to “do I need to buy more basics?”

And then come join me on IG stories where you can ask your own.


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how to mix patterns and prints in your outfits

You might remember this little number. Here's how that day went: I wore two patterns, didn't think anything of it, walked all around the city, and everyone had something to say.
“I thought you couldn't wear two patterns?!”
“I love your outfit—the way you mixed the two. Where's your shirt from?”
“How did you think of wearing those two together?”
“I could never wear two patterns?”

Quite frankly, I was shocked by the responses I got from friends and strangers. I mean, I thought everyoneknew they could wear two patterns if they wanted.

So I crafted this post for you, who didn't know you could mix prints and patterns or you who just doesn't know where to start.

Because you deserve to to dress from a place of joy, to have some fun, and create something new in your wardrobe without spending a penny.


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10 Ways to break out of a jeans and shirt rut {without buying anything new}

I’m a big believer in formulas and recipes when it comes to your wardrobe. But sometimes, after we’ve done such a good job with the effortless part, the creative part of us is itching to get back in the game.

We often confuse this “style rut” feeling with needing to buy something new. But the real source of the rut comes from neglecting our creativity. And so, the real cure is injecting a bit of our creativity back into our outfits.

So before you pull out the wallet, tap into your creative brain with these 10 ideas.

These ideas are for you whether your go-to pairs your skinny jeans with a button-up or with a t-shirt. It's for you if you've gotten to the place where you feel like you’ve worn the same thing for so long you don’t remember what it felt like to change it up.

So when we feel sick of our favourite 3 part cocktail: top + skinny jeans + ballet flats, or whatever your cocktail might be—let’s mix it up by throwing in a shot of tequila (the metaphorical kind of course.)

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5 Pieces to transition your wardrobe from recent grad to professional

The month after I handed in my final university project, I walked through the doors of my first job at a downtown Toronto design agency. I can’t remember what exactly I was wearing, but I vividly rememberfeeling like I ran out of outfits to wear to work that first week fast.

I knew I wasn’t going to wear a power suit and pumps, but I also knew my collection of oversized, skin-tight, or semi-sheer tops didn’t feel right.

At first black leggings felt like my secret professional weapon, but soon they made me feel like a total professional-fraud.

That wardrobe I had—the carefree whimsical eccentric unique wardrobe—stopped feeling like me. And instead started to feel like a weight holding me back from where I was going.

And when I changed my wardrobe, something more changed.

I started having creative ideas at meetings.
I started speaking up when my opinion differed.
I started owning my skills and expertise.

And I didn’t have to wear pumps and blazer to do it.

Today, I’m sharing with you, my dear friend, 5 little pieces that can make a big impact in looking (and feeling) like the professional and expert you now are, from stepping out your front door to leaving a post-work happy hour.

...Or as I like to say:
Feeling like your best self from coffee to cocktails.

Let's go!



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How to make the right shopping list {behind-the-scenes of what my list & list-making process looks likes}

You can’t have everything that's great, but you can make everything you have the greatest.

That’s my approach when it comes to personal styling—I want to help you make the greatest choices for you. The ones that are ultra insync with the lifestyle you live, the budget you have, and the story you want to tell.

So how do you figure out what pieces are the greatest choices for you?

Short of working with a personal stylist, there is a favourite free tool of mine you can harness for some style clarity. A tool that you're probably already using.

The tool is Pinterest. And the strategy I call Practical Pinteresting.

Last year I shared my guide to Practical Pinteresting for style clarity. And in this part two, I’m walking you through exactly how I’ve used it to create my shopping list for Spring.


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