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What to wear to work at home and in coffee shops

So you’re your own boss now and you work from home...and you don’t need to wear pants.ever.again.

(But you probably should.)

In fact let’s talk about style for work-at-home and work-from-coffee-shops entrepreneurs for a sec…

You know you have the freedom to never wear pants ever again (that’s practically part of the reason you became your own boss in the first place, amirite?!)

But, after some time of total pants freedom and living that yoga pants life—you might have realised something else too…

How you dress to work at home is how you dress. Period. It’s how you dress everyday; how you show up for your business; how you show up for your life.

And your best business—your best self—looks like more than yoga pants.

(But it can still feel like yoga pants.)

This video is made for the online entrepreneur—on how to dress chic without sacrificing your comfy + cozniess. 

what to wear to work at home and in coffee shops


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How-to organize your closet for style success

I’ve got a truth for you: that wardrobe you’ve spent so much money and time on creating—it’s only as good as how you store it.


How you organize and store your clothes has as much to do with how you feel about your style, and how you show up, as the clothes themselves.

But there’s some real good news!

Organizing your clothes the right way can improve your style overnight—without having to buy anything new.

And the strategies I teach you in this video can all be implemented in a Saturday afternoon. (Heck yes!)

So grab a cup of tea or a gin and tonic, and let’s organize your closet for style success! 

how-to organize your closet


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Steal my style secret weapons

There are 3 tools I use in my style to keep myself looking chic and put-together (especially in the winter.)

I love these tools because they are a perfect example of it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

I love these tools because they allow your clothes to be an investment you’ll wear for seasons to come.

And I love these tools because—maybe the best part—all these tools cost a combined $50.

I want you to steal my secret weapons.

3 tools you need to look your most stylish


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5 Minute Tweaks to Look and feel BETTER

5 minutes. 
5 minutes is all you need to look and feel more put together.

I’m not here to make getting dressed MOREof an ordeal and stress than it already is—I’m here to make it less of an ordeal and more of joy.

Less time + stress; more effortless confidence.

So often we go 80% of the way in our style—only to never take it all the way across the finish line.

We thoughtfully pick out a top we love, we find pants that look good with it. We do our makeup. And then it’s time to leave, we throw on shoes and a jacket and look and feel okay but not great.

It’s the finishing touches—the little things—that take how we show up across the proverbial finish line from good to great.

In that spirit, I’ve pointed out 5 of these finishing touches you can do in under 5 minutes that are so often missed.

5 minute style hacks


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Shoe science: how-to look good in flat shoes

Do you have anything sitting in your closet, that hardly gets worn because you “need” to wear heels with it?

I get it—you totally wear heels, just not today because you know you’ll be walking a lot, and not yesterday because you worked out in the morning, and not on Mondays because you’re always tired on Mondays…

Okay, let’s hold it right there. We don’t need to wear heels to make clothing pieces we love work.

Even those culottes. 
Even that form-fitting dress. 
Even that awkward length midi skirt.

I’ll show you how to look good in flats with a few basic style science principles (or shoe-ology as we’re calling it in this video.)

Watch the video and then make sure to grab today’s bonus where I show you exactly what flat shoe I would pair with all the tricky hemlines (like those culottes, midi-skirts, and form-fitting dresses we mentioned…)

Choose comfortable AND stylish. (It’s a false dichotomy.)

How-to look good in flats


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