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How to make the right shopping list {behind-the-scenes of what my list & list-making process looks likes}

You can’t have everything that's great, but you can make everything you have the greatest.

That’s my approach when it comes to personal styling—I want to help you make the greatest choices for you. The ones that are ultra insync with the lifestyle you live, the budget you have, and the story you want to tell.

So how do you figure out what pieces are the greatest choices for you?

Short of working with a personal stylist, there is a favourite free tool of mine you can harness for some style clarity. A tool that you're probably already using.

The tool is Pinterest. And the strategy I call Practical Pinteresting.

Last year I shared my guide to Practical Pinteresting for style clarity. And in this part two, I’m walking you through exactly how I’ve used it to create my shopping list for Spring.


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How-to use Pinterest for personal style clarity

Walking into a clothing store and feeling lost and overwhelmed only to end up wasting money on clothes you don’t end up wearing.

Or spending too much time and energy getting dressed because you have “nothing to wear” only to feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing the moment you step out in public.

There’s a simple cure for it: getting some personal style clarity.

And as it turns out there’s a great tool for that sitting right in your bookmarks bar: Pinterest.

This guide will show you how to harness the power (and super convenience) of Pinterest so you are using it effectively to create outfit formulas, spot gaps in your closet, and craft the right shopping lists. And I can’t wait to share it with you! >>>

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