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How to wear blush and other nude neutrals

I’ve been on a mission to add colour and pattern back into was was my mostly-neutral wardrobe.

But there’s just something about blush.

These soft pink-undertone shades are soft, delicate, romantic, and feminine. But they are not the pastel and baby pinks that mean “this baby is a girl”. They are sophisticated. They are adaptable and versatile—so versatile.  {Think of blush like a neutral.}

With this very blush look I have for you today, it seemed only fitting to share a few tips on how to start wearing this favourite colour of mine.

And yes, you can rock it—no matter what your skin tone is.


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How to make the right shopping list {behind-the-scenes of what my list & list-making process looks likes}

You can’t have everything that's great, but you can make everything you have the greatest.

That’s my approach when it comes to personal styling—I want to help you make the greatest choices for you. The ones that are ultra insync with the lifestyle you live, the budget you have, and the story you want to tell.

So how do you figure out what pieces are the greatest choices for you?

Short of working with a personal stylist, there is a favourite free tool of mine you can harness for some style clarity. A tool that you're probably already using.

The tool is Pinterest. And the strategy I call Practical Pinteresting.

Last year I shared my guide to Practical Pinteresting for style clarity. And in this part two, I’m walking you through exactly how I’ve used it to create my shopping list for Spring.


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6 Tips for transitioning your wardrobe into spring (even if the weather doesn’t yet feel like spring)

While the rest of the world seems to be blossoming into spring, us northerners always seem to be stuck in 6 more weeks of winter—no matter what Mr. groundhog said.

(Common mother nature—I just want to stop wearing socks already…)

This time of year provides a style stumbling block I hear all the time—and one I struggle with every year. The transitional season—when we’re feeling totally sick of our winter wear but mother nature hasn’t quite caught up to our spring vibes—is one of the hardest to dress for. (Can I get an amen?!)

I popped over to the Wonder Forest to tackle this one.
Read some of my favourite tips for shedding the winter wear and adding a little spring into your step—all while still keeping warm >>>

PS: There's a total closet hack bonus in this one—so don't miss out!

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