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Is style important for entrepreneurs?

Is style important for online entrepreneurs?

You’re a coach, a designer, a small business owner who spends most of the time sitting behind a computer—does your style even matter?

You’re busy a busy as heck entrepreneur and it feels like you can’t afford to spend time on style.

But, what if I told you can’t afford not to spend time on your style?

Because here’s the thing: if your style isn’t working FOR your business, it’s holding it back.

There is no neutral; there is no way to opt-out of style (unless you run a totally anonymous brand, never talk to anybody or go out in public…)

This video will ask you to dig a little deep and see if your style is helping your dreams or hurting them. 


is your style holding your business back?


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What to say when someone compliments your appearance?

This might seem like a weird topic to be about style—I get it. But bare with me.

Style is powerful. It is powerful in our relationship with ourselves, but it can be equally powerful in our relationships with others.

And if you have a business—even a totally-online one—relationships are essential to the health of your business (not to mention your own health.)

I’ve called this video networking for introverts. Because if you don’t want to be the first one to start a conversation, your style can start the conversation for you—and your only job is to know how to continue it.

WARNING: I don’t want you to make the #1 mistake I see people make when they receive a compliment. 

what to say when someone compliments you


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