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Peek inside my closet: My Summer Capsule

Hello, m’love! Have you ever wanted to ask a friend, or maybe someone you follow on Instagram, “So exactly what clothes do you have and how much did you spend to get them?”

I know I’ve felt like that before. {wink}

Since we’re all friends around here, I wanted to demystify my closet by giving you a roundup of what I’ve been wearing this summer. This is everything I've added to my wardrobe this summer. (There's one exception which I will cover on my Instagram story today (@rebecca.jacobs)—I love this new feature!)

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10 Ways to break out of a jeans and shirt rut {without buying anything new}

I’m a big believer in formulas and recipes when it comes to your wardrobe. But sometimes, after we’ve done such a good job with the effortless part, the creative part of us is itching to get back in the game.

We often confuse this “style rut” feeling with needing to buy something new. But the real source of the rut comes from neglecting our creativity. And so, the real cure is injecting a bit of our creativity back into our outfits.

So before you pull out the wallet, tap into your creative brain with these 10 ideas.

These ideas are for you whether your go-to pairs your skinny jeans with a button-up or with a t-shirt. It's for you if you've gotten to the place where you feel like you’ve worn the same thing for so long you don’t remember what it felt like to change it up.

So when we feel sick of our favourite 3 part cocktail: top + skinny jeans + ballet flats, or whatever your cocktail might be—let’s mix it up by throwing in a shot of tequila (the metaphorical kind of course.)

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2015 Style Lessons I’m taking into 2016 (+ my year’s best clothing buys)

Happy (fashionably late) New Year, love!

2015 was a special year for me.

Prior to 2015, my love and eye for style was only reflected in my own wardrobe. Over this past year, I started to use my style skills (that's a thing...) to help more women than just me find their style, and more joy + confidence in the process.

Through this, I learnt some things about style. About the mindsets and approaches that affect how we feel about our style, and thus how we we feel about ourselves.

Today, I wanted to share these lessons with you. Each lesson has helped me find more joy and confidence in the clothes I wear—and I want that for you!

I also thought it would be fun + worthwhile to include some of my best clothing purchases from 2015. Read on for those as well!


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My go-to layering formula (again)

For someone who doesn’t like cold weather, I sure do seem to go on about how much I love layering.

This touch-of-sparkle outfit is an outcome of my go-to layering formula (you may remember it from this post over here). Instead of the slipdress I’ve layered over my summer flares and instead of a classic shirtdress I’ve added this vintage beaded tunic.

But it all comes from the same outfit formula that I keep in my back pocket.

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Style evenness

In the past I’ve chased being stylish. And the more I chased, the worse the "bad" outfits got.

In style we have highs and lows. Highs; days where we look and feel our best. And then, we have days where we tried on too many outfits, eventually ran out of time and ended by throwing on something we immediately regretted.

We don’t usually think about the lows when deciding what clothes to buy. We don’t think about what pieces we need to get rid of, and what we need to replace it with, to improve our outfit lows.

Instead we tend to focus on trying to be more stylish, more fashionable, on collecting more of the “wow” pieces we saw on blogs and Instagram—we tend to focus on trying to have higher “highs”.

Having higher style highs is the wrong goal.

Instead, what I want for both you and I, is to focus on getting to style evenness.

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