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You’re invited to Style Bootcamp!

The fact that you don’t love your wardrobe,

that it’s not easy to get dressed or feel great about the outfits you have on,

that you don’t have a cohesive style…

that’s not you being bad at style—that’s you doing style exactly how you’ve been taught.

Luckily you can learn a new way—a better way. {For free.}



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3 Fashion Rules I Break

Do you ever feel like you’re doing style wrong?

I did, for years. It’s easy to feel that way between all the how-to and should-do style advice and articles out there.

Well, the truth they don’t tell you is this: style doesn’t have any rules.

And your most stylish doesn’t look like anyone else’s most stylish.

To show you this, I’m going to reveal 3 major style “rules” I don’t follow.



3 Fashion rules I don't follow

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3 Ways to Style a Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Is the black leather jacket a staple in your wardrobe?
Or is it one you’ve thought of buying but haven’t pulled the trigger on? 
(I mean, they can be expensive!)
Or do you have a very expensive one you feel like you’re not getting enough wear out of?

Whether buying vegan leather or genuine, it can be a majorinvestment piece. And for that reason, I want to make sure you are equipped to get the most wear out of your leather jacket. So in this fall lookbook, I’m showing you 3 new ways to wear your black leather jacket.

As you watch the lookbook video, think about how these looks can inspire an outfit in your own closet.

After the video, keep scrolling for outfit details and styling tips.

Psst!  Even if you don’t have a leather jacket, how can these looks inspire your style? Do you have a cropped jacket that’s a similar shape? (Say, a denim jacket, perhaps?) Mentally substitute the jacket you do have into these style equations.



3 WAYS TO WEAR your black leather motorcycle jacket THIS FALL


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Clothing Essentials: The piece you need to buy

Today’s advice is my favourite kind to give. It’s the kind that has emails rushing to my inbox and messages to my phone of clients + coterie dames saying they’ve had a style breakthrough.

Because, when you get that essential item that’s been missing from your closet, it can transform your wardrobe overnight.

Suddenly, all the clothes you like but hardly wear are wearable, getting dressed is easier, and your outfits feel more like you.

Now it might sound like magic (and maybe it is!) but your wardrobe doesn‘t transform with items from a generic list of “wardrobe essentials for every woman”. But, when you start with you and your own closet, and follow these effective strategies for figuring out what item is missing from your wardrobe, it can transform your wardrobe, style, and life.



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How to dress professional & still feel like yourself

Ever felt like you didn’t know how to balance your own unique style + individuality with looking (and feeling) like the professional you are at your job?

Well, I’ve got a solution for the problem of “how to dress for your job and still look unique” and the secret is in the overlap. Today’s video is breaking down what your overlap is + how to find it.

What I love about the style advice I’m sharing in today’s video is this: it doesn’t just apply to dressing for the corporate world.

You can use these 3 strategies anytime what you want to wear and what you’re suppose to wear feel different.

You can use them if you want to figure out how to infuse more of you into your wardrobe at large. You can use them to find your style.

And to go hand-in-hand with these 3 broader strategies I’m sharing in the video, I put together 3 bonus ultra-specific tips of what pieces to leverage to make your work wardrobe more of your dream wardrobe. Make sure to grab your copy with the purple button below the video!

Watch today’s video on how to dress professional and still feel like yourself
with your personal stylist, Rebecca Jacobs


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