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What to invest in and what to save on?

In today’s edition of ask a personal stylist, I’m answering a question I am asked all the time:

“What should I save on and what should I invest in when it comes to my wardrobe?”

I get this question.

You have a limited amount of money to spend and you don’t want to spend it all on a handful of very expensive pieces.

But you also don’t want a closet full of cheap clothes that fall apart—you would rather buy something now that will last you for years than buy a new version every season.

The good news is I have a pretty simple answer to the question of what to invest in vs. what to save on.

And, like most of the style I teach, it’s not what you’ve heard before.

what to save on and what to invest in


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3 Ways to Style a Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Is the black leather jacket a staple in your wardrobe?
Or is it one you’ve thought of buying but haven’t pulled the trigger on? 
(I mean, they can be expensive!)
Or do you have a very expensive one you feel like you’re not getting enough wear out of?

Whether buying vegan leather or genuine, it can be a majorinvestment piece. And for that reason, I want to make sure you are equipped to get the most wear out of your leather jacket. So in this fall lookbook, I’m showing you 3 new ways to wear your black leather jacket.

As you watch the lookbook video, think about how these looks can inspire an outfit in your own closet.

After the video, keep scrolling for outfit details and styling tips.

Psst!  Even if you don’t have a leather jacket, how can these looks inspire your style? Do you have a cropped jacket that’s a similar shape? (Say, a denim jacket, perhaps?) Mentally substitute the jacket you do have into these style equations.



3 WAYS TO WEAR your black leather motorcycle jacket THIS FALL


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What to buy for fall (how to make the right shopping list for you)

One of the pieces of fashion advice I give all the time as a personal stylist: buy less, choose better.

You might have heard it before. In fact, it’s become a kind of motto being thrown around on this here internet—but there’s a big component this concise minimalist mantra leaves out: what does choosing better actuallymean?

Fashion industry members use it to mean spending more money—buy less, choose more luxury pieces.

But to me that doesn’t add up. A piece that is made “better” doesn’t necessarily make it a “better” choice for you.

A better choice is one that you love. One that is aligned with the lifestyle you live, the story you want to tell, and—here’s the kicker—the budget you have.

In other words, “choosing better” looks like an easier time getting dressed everyday, more clarity in your style, and less financial and shopping stress.

But when we get to the store, it’s really hard to know if a piece will do all those things for us—if it will be a good choice.

So, I came up with a method. A method for how we can actually choose better.

And today I’m sharing it with you, so that this fall you can choose better.



WHAT CLOTHES YOU SHOULD BUY THIS FALL(how to make shopping lists)


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Peek inside my closet: My Summer Capsule

Hello, m’love! Have you ever wanted to ask a friend, or maybe someone you follow on Instagram, “So exactly what clothes do you have and how much did you spend to get them?”

I know I’ve felt like that before. {wink}

Since we’re all friends around here, I wanted to demystify my closet by giving you a roundup of what I’ve been wearing this summer. This is everything I've added to my wardrobe this summer. (There's one exception which I will cover on my Instagram story today (@rebecca.jacobs)—I love this new feature!)

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Outfit dissection: Spring coat layering

This weekend, sun, patios, and even bare-legs came out in full spring effect. {Heck yes.}

As I pulled out a dress and spring jacket, I was reminded of one of the true beauties of warm weather: oneoutfit. Come spring, we no longer have the added hassle of planning two outfits—the outfit we wear outside AND the striped-down version of it we wear inside.

We get to focus on picking + wearing just one outfit that will give us confidence, comfortability, and joy.

And one of my favourite spring pieces—that takes you effortlessly and elegantly from coffee to cocktails—is a tailored spring coat.

Today, I’m showing you one of the ways I style my spring coat, and giving you a little inside look by dissecting what exactly is at play in this seemingly simple outfit.

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3 Tips for integrating patterns into your wardrobe

This spring, patterned trousers were on my buying list. (PS: I recommend creating a buying list for every season’s shopping—I walk you through how to do this using Pinterest here!) After purchasing this polka dot pair from Zara and a striped dress from H&M, I realized they were my first two pattern pieces in my otherwise solid closet.

If you’re like me and wanting to add some playful patterns into your solid-filled closets, I’ve put together this post just for you!

(And I’m actually utilizing all these tricks in this single outfit!)


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