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How-to put together an outfit (quick + easy!)

Here’s a style truth: 
No one really taught you how to do even the simplest parts of style.

Today’s example: putting together an outfit.

This is something you do every day. And each day you probably do it one of two ways:

  1. Totally mindlessly, reaching for the same outfits you always wear
  2. Consciously thinking and trying things on—taking anywhere from 2 minutes to 45 minutes to maybe end up with an outfit you love

There’s a third way to get dressed everyday: 
Consciously and effortlessly. 
Easily and joyfully. 
Quickly and peacefully.

For this way you need a system. And lucky for you, style systems are my specialty.

How-to put together an outfit


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Clothing Essentials: The piece you need to buy

Today’s advice is my favourite kind to give. It’s the kind that has emails rushing to my inbox and messages to my phone of clients + coterie dames saying they’ve had a style breakthrough.

Because, when you get that essential item that’s been missing from your closet, it can transform your wardrobe overnight.

Suddenly, all the clothes you like but hardly wear are wearable, getting dressed is easier, and your outfits feel more like you.

Now it might sound like magic (and maybe it is!) but your wardrobe doesn‘t transform with items from a generic list of “wardrobe essentials for every woman”. But, when you start with you and your own closet, and follow these effective strategies for figuring out what item is missing from your wardrobe, it can transform your wardrobe, style, and life.



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Spring 2016 Trends Breakdown: Where and how to save & where to invest

Ah, trends.

I want to be able to write that I’m immune to the allure of trends.

I want to be able to say that as a wardrobe stylist, I know what works for my body and my lifestyle, that I’m confident in my aesthetic preferences, and that trends come and go but they don’t affect my purchasing whatsoever.

But this, my friend, would be a lie.

The truth is I still find myself spotting a trend and totally falling head-over-heels in love with it.

So, I’m still a romantic. But here’s what I have learnt: how to tell which trend love will be a passing spring fling, and which are worth investing in for a long-term relationship.

And here’s my guide, from me to you, breaking down 7 trends for spring: which ones to save on, and which ones to invest in.

SPRING 2016 TRENDS BREAKDOWN ON A BUDGET: Where to save + where to invest >>>

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