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The BEST place to buy a winter coat on a budget

Did you guess secondhand shops? You know me so well.

Most of the winter coats I’ve bought in the last decade have all been secondhand. Some were better (like the wool coats in my last post) than others (like a six sizes too big knee length faux fur I bought many years ago.)

I love secondhand in general! 
Because I love vintage
 (and just plain old believe they don't make 'em like they used to,) 
Because it makes it easier to keep my wardrobe uniquely me, 
Because I feel good about giving something a new life instead of contributing to the fast fashion industry.

But even if those points don’t light you up like they do for me, there are very practical reasons why a secondhand store is the best place to look for a winter coat—so read on!

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3 Warm Winter Coats + 3 ways I’ve styled each

The heart of winter style is in the coat. A warm coat is pretty much the single item we wear every single day all winter long. When we throw on a coat, it dominates any outfit and it's the first thing people notice. Not to mention, liking the coat you're wearing has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself in the colder months.

I tend to advocate for less in your closet. But when it comes to winter coats—that you’ll be wearing day in and day out for months—I like to have some options.

Currently, my closet has three warm coats that can take me through typical Toronto cold. I definitely don’t recommend buying three coats all in a single season, but to accumulate a carefully curated collection of great coats you love over years. I’ve added one coat to my collection over the past three years through a mix of sale scores (the leather), thrift store finds, and a local vintage shop.

When you’re thinking about adding to your own coat collection, you want to make sure it’s versatile enough to work with your winter footwear and accessories as well as with the wardrobe you’ll be wearing underneath it.

Here’s a look at my warm coats, and 3 different ways I’ve styled each one…

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Winter pitfalls: keeping a consciously bright closet

If I’m not careful, my winter wardrobe turns into mostly black outfits, day in and day out.

My warmest coats are black. My warm pants are black. My opaque tights are black. My gloves are black, and my hats are black.

Which would be fine, but I don’t really like black.

So, I have to consciously keep my outfits bright. 
And here are some of the tips I’ve been using to do so >>>

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