3 Outfits You Can Wear to a Winter Wedding (that are already in your closet)


Tinsel, baked goods, cocktails, and formal attire. With its many holiday parties (and even the occasional wedding) December has been the month I’ve bought too many dresses that got too little wear. Do you feel me?

When it comes to your budget + closet space, I’m an advocate for spending it on the everyday instead of the once-a-years.
Besides, there are always outfits you haven’t yet worn hanging in your closet—even for the formal events.

So here are three outfits you can wear to all your winter formal events—that are probably already hiding in your closet


Look one

A simple cocktail dress + long cardigan or blazer


Cardigan: H&M | Dress: thrifted Pumps: Sam Edelman 'Lorissa' pump | Clutch: thrifted, similar

Reuse last year’s (or last season’s) party dress by pairing it with a wool cardigan or blazer.

Tips for shopping your closet for this look:
• look through your dresses for ones that have straight or body-hugging silhouettes {you’ll be adding bulk + curves with your cardigan, so you want to keep your dress slim}
• look for a wool cardigans or blazer in a dark colour {black is always fancy}
• keep your hemlines long {look for a cardigan that goes past your hips}
• layer in a long necklace {to work with the open cardigan or blazer to draw the eye down}
• you can always add a belt {if you want to add a little shape back}

winter wedding outfit ideas via rebecca-jacobs.com-1.jpg
winter wedding outfit ideas via rebecca-jacobs.com-2.jpg
winter wedding outfits via rebecca-jacobs.com-1.jpg

Look two

A cinched-waist dress under a full skirt


Dress: vintage, similar Skirt: thrifted, similar Belt: thrifted | Pumps: vintage Clutch: thrifted, similar

Get more wear out of your cocktail (or summer) dress by transforming it into a new winter-appropriate one.

Tips for shopping your closet for this look:
• look for any dress that’s cinched at your waist
• look for a skirt that hits at the slimmest part of the dress {a full skirt is my favourite take on this look, but you can experiment with whatever you have in your closet}
• choose similar monochromatic colours or contrasting colours {I’ve done the same skirt paired with a white summer dress here}
• try a belt to cover the waistband of the skirt

winter formal outfit ideas via rebecca-jacobs.com-1.jpg
winter formal outfit ideas via rebecca-jacobs.com-1-2.jpg

Look three

All black for endlessly long legs


Dress: old, similar Faux fur stole: Forever21 | Wedges: H&M | Clutch: thrifted, similar

Opaque black tights with black heels will put all the attention on your legs (so no one will notice you’re re-wearing last year’s dress)

Tips for shopping your closet for this look:
• all you need is truly opaque black tights + black pumps, flats, or wedges
• pair with your favourite black cocktail dress or skirt—or choose a dress in a contrasting colour {maybe a bright blue like this or sparkly like this}
• add a faux fur stole {to winterize the look or add some excitement to an all black look}

winter wedding outfit ideas via rebecca-jacobs.com-1-3.jpg
winter wedding outfit ideas via rebecca-jacobs.com-2-2.jpg

Want more?


This December, I’m vowing to shop my closet. So I can save all that time + money to spend on the joy the holidays were intended for (a few glasses of wine, catching up with friends over dinner, and giving more of myself to others.) I hope you’ll join me! (Feel free to use the hashtag #shopmyclosetDecember—to keep us all accountable.)

PS: I do have a winter wedding coming up, and I’ve narrowed it down to these 3 looks. Which one do you think I should wear?