5 Simple tricks for dressing stylish in the winter


Hello fellow northern lady! Winter has some added (especially in the style department), don’t it?
And if you're from the north, you probably already know it can be hard to get winter style tips + outfit ideas that work for real winter weather.

Here’s the thing: I believe to be stylish you NEED to be comfortable.

Here are 5 simple (+ totally functional) winter style tips to keep you warm and chic!


1 Elongate the leg with pointed toe shoes

Winter + heels don’t mix very well (hello falling on your bum!) So get some of the elongating benefits of heels, without all the safety risk—with a pointed toe.

Boots + booties with pointed-toes can take you stylishly from “outside outfit” to “inside outfit”. These pointed toe Acne Jensen boots were widely popular this year because they are both versatile and flattering with everything from skinny denim to dresses with nylons. You can also grab a more budget-friendly version here, or just keep consider this the next time you're boot shopping.

Another winter style hack: Keep a pair of pointed toe flats under your desk at work—try them as a winter-friendly alternative to heels (with less slipping on wet floors!) A black pair like these will be particularly versatile for everything from trousers and joggers, to skinny jeans, to skirts and dresses.


2 Match your beanie to your coat {or try an alternative hat}

I love this simple trick: match your beanie to your coat. I’ve often felt too young or too casual with a winter hat on my head, but I found that all changed when the hat’s colour matched with my coat. Instead of looking like the winter topper we’ve been wearing since childhood, it looks like an intentional part of a chic ensemble.

We often think of winter hats as needing to cover our ears—which is true if it’s especially cold out. But on those not-so-bone-chilling days, a wool hat will still help keep you warm! I love a wide-brimmed style (I’ve had my eye on this one), or a fedora is a popular choice.


3 Black, white, and camel will always be chic

When in doubt: black, white, and camel. An outfit made up of these colours—any one, two, or all three—will always feel stylish. So long as your whites are true white (no warm or yellowy off-whites) and your blacks are black.


4 Clean up your sweaters

It’s a fine line between feeling winter chic in a cozy sweater and feeling a little disheveled—and that fine line is usually a loose thread. When your sweaters just feel a little too fuzzy, a little too haggard—it can make our confidence drop when we sit next to a tailored blazer.

Look for any pulls and loose threads in the sweater, and use tweezers or a needle to pull them through to the inside.

If your sweater is pilling, buy a life-changing sweater shaver. (You can use a razor in a pinch—I have!—but I’m told this can damage the sweater if you’re too rough).

These two clean-up tasks alone can restore your sweater back to its good graces.


5 Keep formulas in your back pocket

Most of the times I’ve found myself feeling a little less-than in the winter style department, it’s because of lack of foresight.

I’ve crafted an outfit, but then topped it with the wrong coat + pair of boots as I ran out the door in a hurry. Does this happen to you too, love?

Science lovers rejoice, the trick is keeping some go-to formulas so you know what you’re going to last-minute grab as you bundle up + run out the door.

Start with your bottoms—whether it’s a pair of pants or tights and a skirt, have some shoe + coat combinations lined up to match with each one. So, if you’re wearing your black skinny jeans, you know you’re going to wear your black boots and beige coat. Or if you’re wearing nylons you know you’re going to wear your over-the-knee boots and peacoat.

Spend some time one evening crafting these formulas in front of your mirror, and I’d go so far as to write them down + stick them in your front hall closet ;)


I hope these 5 simple tips can help bring a little less stress + a little more joy to your winter mornings!

What are your winter style struggles? Your best tips? Leave them in the comments!

with love,


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