it’s time to stop settling. your best self is styled better.

Become your own master stylist, expert personal shopper, and radical expression of you in the world.

Style in Alignment is a 4-week online program to transform your personal style, taught live by and with 1:1 access to me, your personal style expert.

press play.


“Before I took SIA, I struggled to find outfits to wear to parties and speaking gigs I was hired for. It was embarrassing, and as an introvert, lacking confidence because my outfit stunk wasn't doing me any favors.

SIA encouraged me to be a little bit weird (with rules I could understand) so I still felt like myself–but now people wanted to wear what I was wearing.” —Christina


light your own self up


The system you were given isn’t the one you are meant to stay in.

End the cycle of spending money on things you don’t wear and don’t make you feel your best.

Learn the roadmap no one ever taught you to make getting dressed feel good, and looking like your best self easy (starting with what you have right now in your closet.)

Style in Alignment is for cis + trans women, femmes, and all humans ready to fall in love with what they see in the mirror, get dressed with joy, and show up with more confidence, alignment, and power in their presence.

Enrolment closes Wednesday, May 15 at 11:00PM EST.


fall in love with you


Feeling like you have nothing to wear. Buying things that sit with the tags still on or only worn a handful of times…

That perpetual cycle that makes you feel not stylish enough, not together enough…

No idea what your style even is, and lusting after trends in the meantime…

Comparing yourself to others on instagram, pinterest, and IRL—and left feeling like you’re not on the level.

Blaming your budget. Blaming your body.

Feeling good in the comfort of your home & then instantly self-conscious in a room with people you perceive to be more stylish + powerful than you.

This is what it feels like inside a capitalist system that just wants you to buy more clothes.

This is what it feels like inside a made for male-gaze system that wants you to remain pleasing, palatable, and attractive—without the threat of your full autonomy + power.


you need a new system

Style is meant to be fun.

Getting dressed every day should be easy.

Shopping should be focused & effective.

Feeling good and feeling confident should be your default.

You should know your own unique style with clarity.

And—most importantly—your style should be supporting you in the person you want to be.

Style in Alignment is a roadmap to claiming your style for you.


“Rebecca’s courses are unique in that everything she teaches is honest and real. She gives you a new way of thinking about style that is tailor made to each girl and woman's own unique body type and personality. Finding your style is no longer elusive.” —Alya



step into your style sovereignty

Your style can be fun, easy, focused, and feel-good.

…without spending money on new clothes.

…without wearing heels, restricting fabrics, and other uncomfortable “stylish” things.

…without needing to know anything about “fashion”.

…without spending a ton of time and effort on your appearance.

All you need is a new way to do clothes and style—a way no one taught you before.

A new way that starts with your power, your desires, your freedom.


the future is stylish.

Press play and hear from some SIA alums…

How Kelly went from anxious to confident and relaxed on a first date, and from mindlessly shopping to shopping only at the best stores for her.

“The first module alone is worth the investment in the course!” –Kelly

How Kate was sure she was someone who had no good pieces in her closet…yet now finds outfits she loves and had never worn before in her closet.

“This work sets you up for life. This course gave me the framework for everything and I’ve already avoided so many purchases that would have cost a lot and not been right.” –Kate

How Or went from hiding to showing up powerfully in her business.

“Once I decided to do it I got so much out of it way beyond what I paid for…the investment is in myself and supporting myself as the fullest expression of myself.” –Or


claim the style you were meant to have.


“It has totally transformed my life! I have a creative aspect of my life back that I have always enjoyed - putting together outfits.

I am feeling more confident. I am feeling more like myself and have figured out who this 35 year old version of myself is. I had been trying to feel like my old self, seeking that person, but I have found my way to me, now.” —Jen


what’s inside?

  • 4 video modules taught live with me right there to answer any questions you have,
  • dozens of worksheets + guides,
  • lifetime access to the material.
  • & some delicious bonuses—totally free.

First, find your unique style. We learn how to create signature style + lay the foundation for feel-good style from the inside out.

Second, become a master at the science of style. Get a whole toolbox of tools for dressing your shape, wearing colour and patterns, and looking chic while feeling comfortable.

Third, uncover the limiting beliefs and sabotaging habits keeping you from showing up as your most powerful self. Cultivate confidence and quit impulse shopping for good.

Fourth, make your style a reality. Learn where to shop (even on a budget), easily identify good value items at a low price, clean out your closet, and start wearing the pieces you have now in entirely new ways.


the bonuses ~~~

Totally delicious; and totally free when you join this round of Style in Alignment.



daily dressing prompts—straight to your cell phone

Get a month of free access to my brand new offering—a daily style prompt texted straight to your cell phone when you’re getting dressed.

A prompt means:

  • it’s easy to go to our wardrobe with fresh eyes
  • you ignite your creativity first thing each morning
  • you create new outfits that you love with what’s already in your closet
  • whenever you feel the urge to buy something new, you instead go to a prompt which inspires you to find that “newness” in your own closet!


outfit reviews – like having your own personal stylist

Inside these outfit sessions, you’ll get feedback on what’s working (and why!), ideas + tweaks to make it more effective, and suggestions for how you can get even more wear out of these pieces.

I’ve set these up deliberately to support you even after class ends. You’ll have time to work through all the modules, try—and maybe even buy—new things and then bring me whatever you still needed help with.

Use them for special event outfits for photoshoots, speaking gigs, job interviews—or use them for getting more wear + joy out of your everyday clothes! You get 2 opportunities to submit outfits!



a community - you don’t have to do it alone

For the duration of the program, you’ll get access to a private group to connect with each other. This has been requested every round, and I’m excited to offer it as a bonus for the first time.


new clothes are not the answer.

if they were, you’d already feel great in the clothes you have, that were once new clothes you bought.

Style in Alignment is the answer to creating style you’ll love for the rest of your life.

I guarantee it. (For reals. 14-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.)

4 weeks together, all my style knowledge, my start-to-finish approach, a community, and 1-on-1 access to me.

Your style is yours to claim.


here’s the deal

Yes, learning your style and to shop better will save you money.

If you have bought just 6 items you aren’t wearing at $49.99 + tax each—that’s more than the total price of Style in Alignment.

If you take half—or even a quarter—of what you would be spending on clothes in the next few years… and only spend it on pieces you’ll feel great in, wear often and will combine to make lots of versatile outfits—you get to save and have more outfits for more things than you would have. This is what my clients are able to do after Style in Alignment.

Yes, showing up with more confidence will help you earn more.

Showing up to your life as your most confident and aligned self—when you look good, and more importantly, feel good—sets you up to overcome blocks that have been holding you back. Your style is a part of this. Style in Alignment is set up not to do style in a vacuum, but as a part of setting yourself up to feel your most confident in all of life.

But mostly, it’s about choosing more for yourself.

You can do the math to make the decision to join Style in Alignment for the money it will save you in the future, or the benefits you will gain by presenting yourself more chic + confident…BUT the inner desire to want to feel different is the reason I want you to listen to.

Style in Alignment—saying no to the system you’re given that leaves you in perpetual not enough-ness, and saying yes to lighting yourself up and doing style for you—is in itself a radically worthy choice.


think of me as your style doula


your big juicy self expression is ready to be birthed, and i’m here to help with a smooth delivery.

hey, i’m rebecca. It was back when I was a new grad, wearing clicky shoes for my first design agency internship, and spending my mornings trying on clothes from my stuffed-to-the-brim two dressers and two closets that I realised the framework we’re given for style is bullshit.

I was spending so much money on clothes, yet still having nothing to wear to most things?!?!

Getting ready took so damn long, and made me feel less confident walking into spaces more often than it made me feel more. What?!

I felt like my appearance defined me, yet didn’t express me.

I loved aesthetics, yet how I looked felt so out of my control.

^^ symptoms of a broken system

So I made a new system for myself.

I learnt the style science and tools I could use to wear what I wanted to and flatter my body. I studied how I was buying clothes and how I was getting dressed—and what feelings were being triggered when.

I studied women who had great style, who had great confidence and women who I was drawn to.

I figured out a different approach for myself—for how I choose what to buy, for how I choose what to wear, and for how I think about the role of personal style in my life.

And then it wasn’t long before I taught that approach to friends, and then soon friends of friends…

And then I was asked for interviews on our national broadcaster, featured in print magazines, and brought in to speak to professionals and news teams.

Because this approach that I have to offer—nobody else is teaching it.

Today, I’ve worked with clients here in Toronto and all over the world through Style in Alignment to reclaim their personal style. I help them uncover their signature style that feels so juicy deliciously good, and is also simplified so that they are spending less time and money and making less decisions each day.



Here is the A to some of the most frequently asked.

when will the classes be taught?
The live classes will start on Wednesday, May 22. They will be every Wednesday for 4 weeks at 7pm EST. Can’t make ‘em? No worries. The recordings will be available right away and you will get all the same access to me with the opportunity to submit all your questions in advance and have your response in video-form!


how much access do i get to you?
Umm, like, a lot. You spend 30-40 minutes learning from me live, and then I offer many minutes of live coaching and Q+A, as well as the individual outfit reviews where you submit picks and I give you all the feedback. In our 4 weeks together, you will get my answer to every question that comes up for you.


i know you say i won’t have to buy new clothes—but i’m actually the exception, i have no good clothes to wear.

For reals—so. many. clients think this. And there has yet to be a closet we can’t find magic together in.

Example for you in Kate in the above video. Her words:

“I was really convinced that the clothes I do have were really hopeless. I only had 2 bottoms that fit me right now and a couple tops—some I’ve had 5 or 7 years so I felt like I was really working with nothing. When you talked about how you wouldn’t need to buy new clothes I felt like ‘okay, I am the exception—there is no way!’…but now I’m looking that the stuff I have differently!”

Kate shared her amazing results she’s had from the class…and she still hadn’t bought a new wardrobe.


what if i don’t like it?
Say yes with full excitement. You know your girl has a return policy.

A 100% Money Back Guarantee. You have 14-days which is more than enough time to come to the first module and work through the worksheets and guides. If you decide it’s not for you, simply email and you’ll be fully refunded—no fees.


i literally have no fashion sense. will this work for someone like me?
Duh. This program isn’t about fashion at all. It is about the clothes you are wearing—how they are making you feel and how they are representing you—this is deeply personal and not the same as the fashion industry. And let us prove just how much sense of style you have.

Plus there’s a safety net. One of my core values for my approach to style is simplified. This means I teach with tools and recipes. You’ll have everything laid out simply to go back to until it becomes your default way of getting dressed and shopping.


i don’t identify as a woman. can i still join?
Yes. Personal style and the framework offered in this course is for everyone. However, this program centers women in both imagery and experience. You will get a full framework for your style no matter who you are, but the examples you see and the issues centered will be both women’s clothing and the unique societal expectations on women’s style.


anything else i should know?
A couple things. This is the last time I plan to teach this live. The next time I run it, it will be pre-recorded videos with less access to me. Because you get lifetime access, you can join this last live round, get the live classes + access AND you’ll be grandfathered in to the updated content from the next time I run it.


got another Q? Email and get an answer.


i know what you’re thinking…

You got this far because you know this is something you really do desire…but it feels indulgent, luxurious, selfish, and maybe even…shallow???

I get it. I’ve felt like this before too.

I had a desire to look good and love my style. I was feeling the pain of not feeling beautiful or put-together in my life. Yet I was also shaming myself for feeling that way.

Shouldn’t I not care? Shouldn’t I focus on what’s on the inside?

You might be thinking “shouldn’t I spend the money on my family or on growing my business or on more ‘practical’ things'?”

Here’s the thing: we are wired to react + appreciate aesthetics, we are told we should look beautiful, and then if it doesn’t come as effortless to us as a supermodel we are shamed for caring? It’s bullshit.

Aesthetics, how we physically see ourselves, our identity—it’s not shallow—it’s literally changing how we feel.

& how we feel is the whole damn game.

How we feel is our joy, our excitement. How we feel is how those closest to us experience us. How we feel determines what we do with our life and what we believe is possible for our future.

This is you investing in how you feel.

This is you investing in your growth, becoming your best self, and claiming freedom and joy for something that you practice every day of your life.


“My life and my relationship to my own sense of self and style has been forever altered for the better thanks to your teaching and support and I will never forget that. Thank you.” —Sonja


what would you do if you were more lit up every day?

let’s find out.

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