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daily dressing prompts straight to your phone


inspired dressing feels effortless

hey babe,

Did you know you have great things hanging in your closet?

I know it doesn’t feel like it when you’re running on autopilot just trying to get out the door on time…

Your brain wants to keep wearing the things you’re used to, in the same ways you’re used to wearing them.

Even though you don’t often feel radiant, sexy, elegant, or put-together…


The more inspired we make getting dressed for you, the more effortless radiant sexy put-together style will fee.


introducing style daily


You don’t need a new wardrobe.

You don’t need more time.

And you definitely don’t need to change anything about your body.

You need more intention + inspiration.
& you need to make it a habit.

Style Daily is the fertile soil for your style to flourish.


You’ll be present with the process of getting dressed. You’ll be grounded and purposeful with how you show up every day.


You’ll be inspired to play + explore the full spectrum of your closet and your personality. You’ll be pushed to try things you otherwise wouldn’t have thought to—and I bet you’ll be pleasantly shocked at the result.


bonus content

As a new offering, your feedback is shaping what’s included!

for the month of September:

1. Get dressed with me as I apply the prompt

A few times a month, I’ll share my behind the scenes—my process, my challenges and reflections—as I apply the same daily prompt as you.

2. Monthly Q+A—your style questions answered!

Over the course of the month, you’ll have opportunities to submit your style Q’s and get a stylist’s answer.

3. And all of this takes place in a private Instagram community

When you’re part of #StyleDaily—you get accepted to join a private Instagram account where I'll be sharing my behind-the-scenes, answering your questions, and posting photos for us all to comment + engage on!


how it works

one quick-to-read & easy-to-apply style prompt a day


If you live in the USA or Canada (except on Rogers), receive the prompt once a day as a text message.

EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD (or if you’re with Rogers + it’s subsidiaries)
You download a free app (available worldwide) + get the prompt delivered straight to your phone with a single notification a day.

$11 USD / month

Prompts start July 1 and you can cancel at any time.

make haste, m’love >> Signups open until August 31 for an inspired month of September!

The fine print: there is none, really!

After you subscribe, you will be taken to a page detailing how to receive the prompts.

Your Style Daily subscription will renew monthly until you cancel. You can send an email to whenever it’s time for your last month, and we’ll make sure you’re de-enrolled for next month. Unfortunately, no refunds for a month once it’s began.


uncover your style

We can invest a lot of time, energy, and money to change our style…working 1:1 with a stylist, buying a whole new wardrobe, getting a full style education…

Fab. But that isn’t the only way.

You can give yourself time + space to play a little bit each day, to experiment and learn about what lights you up and what is your style.

That’s the path Style Daily offers you.


meet your daily style coach


hey, i’m rebecca. I went deep into the study of personal style.

Not just the work of a traditional personal stylist—body types, colours, trends—that’s surface-level.

DEEPER. Into the effect of what we wear on our identity, behaviour, sexuality, and joy.

DEEPER into creating the formula for style that feels good, achievable and sustainable for every wildly unique human.

I developed a new way to do style—a way for finally letting go of the pressure and expectations of how you “should” look, and stepping into your most alive and expressed self. This framework known as Style in Alignment.

I’ve been featured on our national broadcaster and in online and print magazines. I’ve been brought in to speak to groups, run workshops, and work with news teams. And I’ve worked with women one-on-one in Toronto and all over the world in my program, Style in Alignment.

The most common response to my work is “wow, i’ve never thought of it like this before.”

I want you to think about your style like you never have before—so you can feel more radiant, alive, joyful, and expressed than you ever have before.


I would love to send you some daily style inspiration each day.

I would love to see how you show up when you get dressed on purpose.

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