TRUTH: your style is fine.

ALSO TRUE: you’re not one to settle for just fine.

Your best self is styled better.


Working with Rebecca has 100% transformed my life. Now, I feel more confident as a leader. I feel at home in my own skin and comfortable and stylish in the clothes I’m wearing. I feel respected and others are responding to me differently—I am being noticed more, in a positive way. It's a life-changing win-win.

–SONJA, retreat founder, singer/songwriter


You’re successful.

You’re earning money, people are listening to what you have to say.


You’re not sure you feel successful…and you’re not looking it.

You get you could keep wearing your basic jeans and a t-shirt…or boring “professional” corporate clothes, but that’s not who you are.

You don’t just want a style—you want your style.

“But, like, what even is my style and where do I shop for it?”

You don’t need a Yorkville designer wardrobe…you just want a few key pieces that are versatile and mix together into outfits you love—outfits that say leader and feel like you.

“How come whenever I buy something new, I still feel like I have nothing right to wear?”

Not only is your career changing, but so is your body.

“Uh, how do I dress this thing anyway?”


You’ve been taught…

TO LOOK PUT TOGETHER, but not like you’re trying too hard.

WEAR MAKEUP, but not too much.

SHOW YOUR BODY, but hide the areas that aren’t sexy.

WEAR COLOUR, but only the right colours for your imperfect complexion.

ACCESSORIZE, but don’t overdo it.

Who can keep up?


It’s been easier to just opt out of style. Tell yourself you don’t care—it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

HARD TRUTH TIME: as long as you aren’t a nudist, you are still putting on clothes every. single. day.

And those clothes are affecting what people think of you and—way more importantly—those clothes are affecting how you think and feel about yourself.

The only thing you opted out of was feeling good in your clothes.

The only thing you opted out of was the power and presence you could be showing up with if only the outside matched the inside.

That energy of how you feel about yourself—of what you see in the mirror and how you feel in your own skin—you’re bringing it with you to everything you do.

Make it the energy you want to be bringing.

You’re done playing small. It’s time to be seen.

And to be seen as the person and leader you are.


“Now, I feel SO much more confident—in my ability to choose outfits and make purchases that work well together, AND that fit ME and my personality. I've struggled for a long time with body image, and the systems and suggestions made me realize that I can wear things that are comfortable and can make me confident at the same time.

I learned that I no longer need to hide. And that style is not just what is on the pages of a magazine. That I can make it my own, as a reflection of my own spirit and creativity. I'm much less stressed and now exciting about building a dream wardrobe!”
– AMBER, photographer and creative entrepreneur


Here’s how transformation happens:

Change how you feel every day
…change how you see yourself
…change your life.



Here’s how we make it happen:

You + me, a style expert.

150 minutes together in your closet.

  • Getting clarity on who you are (and how that can be reflected in what you wear).
  • Building outfits out of what you already have (because I guarantee you have some good stuff in there—you just don’t know how to use it.)
  • Learning to dress your shape and wear colours.
  • An expert to walk you through cleaning out your closet, so you can start building a small but powerful capsule-like wardrobe.

These intimate style intensives are designed for fast, real, and long-lasting transformation.


Afterwards, I follow-up with the finishing touches your style is missing:

  • Specific pieces picked for you by me, the stylist in your price range—based off what I saw your closet was missing
  • Recipes for easy outfits that are your style, made for your body, using pieces you already have
  • The roadmap to your style:
  • A colour palette
  • What I call “style sprinkles” — the styles, types of pieces, materials, accessories that make up your style
  • A recap of what we discovered in your session, so you don’t forget one little bit of it.

“Working with you helped me to feel more confident in my style and my shopping choices. You helped me to see that I can feel good and comfortable and stylish in my clothes - all at the same time!”
—JENNIFER, business owner


Stop settling, start thriving.

Take the next step.

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