module 1⠀
how do you want to feel? ⠀

the class:


workbooks + guides:

1.1 Style Cores Worksheet
1.2 Style Cores Master List
1.3 Style Cores Printout {write your style cores here + stick em where you can see em}

2.1 Style Sprinkles Worksheet
2.2 Pinterest for Personal Style Guide

3.1 Style Edges
3.2 Style Edges-SAMPLE {example of how I might start to fill it out}


module 1 bonus content

Watch if you’re having trouble narrowing down your style cores to 3-5


For if you feel like you can’t wear what you want to wear


module 2⠀
the science of style⠀

The class:



module 3⠀
style minded⠀

the class



module 4⠀
making your style happen⠀

the full class:


broken out by lesson:

1.0 start with what you have⠀⠀

Workbooks + downloads

1.0 Outfit Generators

2.0 clear away what you don’t want⠀⠀

3.0 bringing in more of what you do want⠀⠀

4.0 when you feel like you don’t have the budget⠀⠀

q+a & wrap-up⠀⠀


5.0 where to find your pieces in the real world + online⠀⠀




look expensive without the expenses⠀⠀



final q+a⠀⠀



Outfit reviews:

{ session 1 }


{ session 2 }


{ session 3 }


Prompt Calendars


Journaling guide:



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